Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Texas, baby.

There was nothing much to do at the scene, but to pronounce the suspected male dead.

And the details are even more tasty.  I love it when jealous assholes threaten women with violence and get ventilated.

Of the hundreds of women I’ve taught to shoot, nearly half were under threat from a jealous ex.  One was in such imminent danger that I gave her my Ruger Speed Six to take home with her that very day.

And when the asshole showed up a week later, she drew down on him and he ran like a frightened rabbit.  She never saw him again.

Hi, Patti.


  1. I read the entire article and it’s definitely the feel-good story of the day. That said, the writer’s grammar is atrocious. Back in the seventies my middle school English teacher would have graded me down severely for that degree of comma abuse and other linguistic atrocities. Kids these days just don’t know how to write – and they need to stay off my lawn!

  2. “Suspected male”? So does that mean they weren’t sure? Back in the old days that was pretty easy to check but I’m not sure any more. He was just stopping by to invite her to a Bible study and got to give an account of his worthless life to Jesus sooner than he expected

  3. “Some reports suggest the man may have been her ex-boyfriend.”

    His status is definitely “ex” everything.


  4. “learns lesson worst way possible”

    Totally disagree. I think that was the best way to ensure he permanently learned his lesson.

  5. Dammit! Now I’m lusting after a speed six I don’t need. To go along with my other four Ruger DA revolvers.

    Great story!

  6. Thanks for the happy story

    The news should always be this sweet

    Very nice shooting indeed

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