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hope it hurts the woke bastards, with their unisex changing rooms and their “diversity”-loving store displays.

Dept. Of Unsurprising Consequences:

or, put another way:  Homo Fest Causes Pox OutbreakOf course, some people are going to have a problem with that.

key words:  Newark Airport, New Jersey.

sod off, Swampy.

ask me again why I was always packing when I did the Uber thing but key word: Manchester.

I’m just mortified that we weren’t the first to do so.

in which we welcome the latest entrant to the conservatives’ “You Have One Bullet” game, where he joins such luminaries as George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates.

wrong Markle.

sheesh, when even old, fat, White homos are at risk

key words:  San Francisco.

And in the INSIGNIFICA (what one Reader has dubbed the “Who gives a fuck?” ) section:

i.e. the struggle that women have somehow managed to handle quite well for over ten thousand years.

And finally:

spoiler:  they’re all-natural.

Not just that:  Paige also picked the eventual winner Justin Thomas to win the 2022 PGA Championship.

And that’s all the news worth looking at.


  1. You left out the bit about the United vs passenger story that the passenger was a former NFL player…

  2. Paige Spiranac creates an interest in golf in me.

    Thank you for not posting a link for pictures of Kristen Stewart. She has a face for radio.

    How do we give Gates and company a case of monkey pox (I know the K is silent) and other delightful treats?

    In regards to Depp v Heard, apparently Heard gave a shit about the relationship. Whenever this topic comes up I pivot to why hasn’t Epstein’s black book and client list been made public or any of his clients been persecuted. The LSM suppresses an important story yet again.

    I’m surprised that Target has been in business this long. They should have been forced into bankruptcy when they allowed perverts into the women’s bathrooms years ago.

    I hope San Francisco gets every bit of what they voted for. Pelosi is an insidious imbecile and her electorate is far worse for re-electing her. When will the San Adreas mountains become ocean front property?

    The airlines have treated their passengers as cattle for decades. Unfortunately their decision makers are so far removed from passengers that they’re completely safe from the reactions of passengers.


    1. “Paige Spiranac creates an interest in golf in me.”

      I wonder what par is on that hole?

  3. Oh, Kim; I’m so glad you caught up with Paige. She’s your type, not mine, but I can’t hep myself here. Gorgeous!

  4. Kim,
    if you don’t know yet, when one comments here, it ends up with a #524 error, a time out of some sort. The comments actually post, but you can’t go back to look, you have to start a new link.

  5. I been building three lists for after The Restoration:
    Flog Then Hang
    Klaus Schwab….hmmmm…..
    Oh dear me, decisions, decisions.

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