Strange Choices

In a recent survey, Britishlanders were asked to state their favorite sandwiches, and the results were as follows:

For those Murkins unfamiliar with the term, a “ploughman’s” sandwich (cheese, ham, pickled onions or pickles, chutney, and sourdough bread) has nothing to do with ploughmen nor even farming — it was a marketing term developed in the late 1950s, and the promotion of the Ploughman’s lunch was part of a campaign to promote the sale of cheese in pubs.

As for the other choices:  Murkins will also be surprised by prawn sandwiches, but the Brits use the tiny “cocktail” or “baby” prawns, not the normal large things we eat with hot sauce Over Here.

And there has to be a special place in hell for whoever came up with putting tuna and sweetcorn on a sandwich.


  1. That survey sounds suspiciously up-market. No mention of the chip butty? Bacon butty?

  2. I’d take any one of those except Tuna and Corn.

    Last time I was back in the motherland, the company I was visiting brought in lunch and had a mix of sammiches. I had #4 and #5. They weren’t bad.

  3. One comment for two posts.
    A great American sandwich is peanut butter and bacon, on buttered toast.
    Not that nasty Jiff crap though, which is distilled from hardened grease found in the axles of rusty boat trailers. (or so I was told)
    Use the real stuff, Like Adams Peanut Butter.

  4. I’d try those sandwiches. Ham and cheddar is a classic.

    Thank God those french fry or potato chip sandwiches didn’t make the list.


  5. Mine would be the BBBLT because there’s no such thing as too much bacon.

  6. No mention of a Fried Egg and Bacon Sandwich?
    In the UK this is the staple diet of the bachelor.

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