Nosebleed And RCOB

Yesterday I went to buy someone a Dallas Cowboys cap (don’t ask), and at Academy I was just about to throw one into the shopping cart when I caught a glimpse of the price.


So back on the rack it was flung, with some force, and I was so angry I had to buy some new .45 ACP ammo to settle my nerves.  (And at just over a dollar per round for primo self-defense stuff, it wasn’t that bad or else I’d have had a stroke.)

I can sorta see how a thermal cup, for instance, could cost maybe fifteen bucks (don’t get me started about that stupid Yeti crap):  there’s a combination of materials and a little quality thrown in, and then there’s the “brand” to pay for (although the way the Cowboys have been playing recently from all accounts, they should be paying US to take their shitty merchandise).

But $30 for a common-or-garden baseball cap, made (as they all are) in China?

FOAD, America’s Team.


  1. I think most of my baseball caps were free to me. I bought a couple but they don’t depict sports affiliation. Most are from some sort of historic sites, liquor brands or firearm brands. In the winter I typically wear a tweed flat cap. In the summer I have taken to wearing a panama. I put a boonie hat on when I do yard work or a tired old baseball cap.

    $30? that’s way too much. I thought $20 was bad.


  2. Have you forgotten the fee paid to the logo owner for it’s use? I’ll bet it’s a significant portion of that price, providing it’s legitimately licensed.

    1. No question that the “license fee” is exorbitant. Essentially, you’re paying the company to advertise their product.

  3. …made (as they all are) in China?

    It’s just laziness and a lack of concern for America, and a “focus on the bottom line” on the part of the people making the hat:

    I’m all for profit, and I don’t want the government involved AT ALL, but when you’re charging luxury good prices for stuff made by what is essentially slave labor you’re not a good person.

    American Sportsball (and I assume it’s no different in the rest of the world) is not about athletic competition anymore, it’s about extracting as much possible money from the middle and lower class as possible. Fuck them.

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