Just Wrong

I don’t follow any kind of professional fighting (boxing, MMA, whatever) so I first thought Paige VanZant was Ronnie’s daughter or something.  Of course, I was wrong, about that anyway, as she’s quite well-known in fighting circles:

Okay, she cleans up pretty nicely, albeit in that not-quite-trailer-park kinda way:

But that’s not what’s upsetting me.  This is:

What the hell kind of gun is young Paige holding?  It looks like she’s about to shoot one of those USPS book-boxes.

Yeah, I know, it’s a Kriss Vector (sounds like an old Marvel villain’s name), and all the cool kids are shooting them.

My feelings on all these modernistic guns is, I think, well known;  but seriously?  This is uglier than a USPS book-box.  1960’s-era Buck Rogers Mattel toy comes to mind.

And all this at $1,600 just to shoot the silly 9mm Europellet?  Pass.

I need to get my busted M1 Carbine to the gunsmith.

Doesn’t look as cool as the Mattel thingy, but mine also has a 15-round (non-Glock) magazine (which isn’t relevant as I don’t own a Glock pistol anyway).

And I’ll take the .30 Carbine over the 9mmP every day of the week.

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  1. Totally agree about the M1 Carbine. Had one in Vietnam. so when I had the chance to buy one, I jumped. If not one of the most enjoyable guns to shoot, it is near the top. Bought bulk ammo when it was inexpensive, today about as cheap as .22LR. What is not to love. A for the modern guns, also agree. Wish I was rich enough to indulge in my lust for antique firearms.

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