News Update

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And if Chinese isn’t good enough for you, try this one:

so no change from the ordinary for them, then.

From the Dept. Of Irony:

and if that didn’t make you chuckle, we can’t be friends.

well, you don’t want an amateur in that job, do you?  

of “unknown causes”.  Uh huh.

every time this old Commie opens his mouth, he reminds us that he’s a fucking moronOld age sucks.  Ask me how I know.

I know, my index finger is twitching too.

thus planning to drive away more and more people — I’m betting these assholes have shorted the stock.

unless they’re White male students, of course;  then it’s open season.

Then we have the Pussification Chronicles:

are you fucking kidding me?  That’s almost as bad as the next wussy

you might feel vulnerable;  I just want to punch you in the mouth, you fucking sissyYou even have a celebrity endorsement.

Doing manly things, on the other hand:

bourbon and razor-sharp axes:  always a good mix.



just throwing this out there, but maybe it has something to do with the vasectomy he had two years ago?

I’ve always had a soft (okay, hard) spot for Keeley Hazell, for two very good reasons.  Here she is arriving as some function or other:

And then, some other pics, just to give you an idea:


And that, as they say, is all the news that’s fit to leer at.