I am happy to announce that the winner of the ULD Rifle Draw is Longtime Reader and frequent commenter Topcat1957.

Summary:  There were 253 tickets in total.  No paper tickets this year;  I simply assigned each ticket a number and did a random number generator between 0 and 254, and TC’s number came up.

Thank you all for participating, and congrats to TopCat.

I’ve already been looking at rifles for next year… but I have to tell y’all, I really, really liked the Howa 1500 — both action and trigger were superb, accuracy outstanding.  The telescoping stock… not so much, and anyway, I question the utility of an adjustable stock on a bench rifle.  So for next year I’d be more inclined to look at a Howa 1500, only with a fixed stock;  something like this:

But nothing’s written in stone at this point.


  1. Kim, any chance you could list the specifics, including the scope,
    of the rifle that was won by that lucky so and so (!).
    A pointer to one or more of your original posts would be fine !
    Caliber, model, mag capacity etc. is what I’m looking for.
    Thank You in Advance

      1. As it turned out, the PMC 147gr was not fit for purpose — i.e. for the degree of accuracy required at Boomershoot — but I stand by everything else I wrote.

        The Howa and the Optika6 made an outstanding combination.

  2. “Sigh” 1/253 odds? Hopefully there will be another in the future? Congrats to Topcat.

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