1. (NYT): Britons again horrify the world with a shocking display of gender stereotyping.

  2. Brucilla and her entourage conveniently included enemy aiming points in their uniform designs (although the two on the right display evidence of being overly influenced by the B34 design).

  3. If these were the guys defending Britannia back in the day, we’d all be speaking French.

  4. After Sir Robin bravely ran away, the remaining knights took one last picture with the scorned bride before rolling her in her wheelchair off the nearby white cliffs.

  5. Because of spending cutbacks, the Royal Army’s 7th Armored Division has gone back to using old equipment for their deployment to Ukraine.

  6. The latest spring fashion: Kevlar fibre woven woolens for wandering about in London Town.
    (Note: The hand held props are not legal for public display, and will not be available, according to our solicitors. )

  7. The lads dazzled their adoring devotees with this year’s color-matched ensembles… until that bimbo Neptuna ruined the shot!
    Flaunting the latest in her fabulous tin-foil helmet accessories line of protective gear, renown conspiracy theories promoter ‘Neptuna’ takes a moment from her busy lecturing schedule to pose for adoring devotees… while well-meaning but otherwise complete dorks horn-in on the ‘Kodak moment’!

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