The Usual Grump

…about clothing, and the appropriate wearing thereof.  First, the plaudits.

I have always had an old-man crush on Anya Taylor-Joy, the chick from that chess movie, and her latest appearance did nothing to end that for me:


Best legs I’ve seen in quite a while, so why shouldn’t she show them off?

Her boyfriend, despite looking a little like a taller Frodo Baggins, was at least appropriately attired:

The same stylish and appropriate attire did not extend to some of the rest of the male(?) attendees.  The Skarsgård boy (Anya’s co-star in the movie) wore a tee shirt:

…while the editor of British Vogue  looked like a morning Tube commuter:

…and the whole thing went rapidly downhill from there:


This post has been brewing for a while, because a couple weeks ago at some other movie premiere / red carpet thing, we were treated to this horrifying nonsense:


Seriously?  At a formal evening event?

Compare the above with the 1940 Academy Awards banquet:

‘Nuff said.


  1. It’s not just at formal events. At work I am surrounded by 20-somethings and 30-somethings that wear high water skinny slacks and mom jeans. People simply do not know how to dress anymore.

    I can only hope that the lack of timeless-ness in their attire has them looking back in 20 years the same way I look back at bell-bottoms, popped collars, and parachute pants.

  2. She looks anorexic and her partner needs a haircut. As for the mens’ attire, ye gods.

  3. elongated Frodo needs a haircut or a shearing. She needs some pasta and hamburgers.

    the style of dress for men in Hollyweird is to dress like a bum. Where is that iconic picture of Cary Grant in a suit and overcoat? Grant had more class in his little finger than these knuckledraggers. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some of these celebrities were denied entry to awards ceremonies for being inappropriately dressed?

    My high school had a reasonable dress code. No jeans, collared shirt with the tail tucked in. Socks had to be worn. No sweatshirts other than our school sweatshirts. The closest comparison to it is considered business casual. Typically I follow this dress code decades later when I’m out and about. I can get into just about anyplace dressed like this without feeling over or under dressed. If I’m doing yard work or at the gym I dress appropriately.


  4. But this is “fashion-forward”, guys in skinny jeans and gals trying to see who can lower the classless bar further. It’s about time for some fashion backwards.

    Brother’s were on a recent flight, masks demanded (or else), you know…germs. Sitting in First Class for a change, look across the aisle and the gal (no “lady”) had her neoprene mask on the entire flight, but no shoes or socks, and seriously grody feet. The irony was thick as the crud in her feet…but she was safe with her mask.

    We don’t/won’t fly anymore.

  5. I don’t actually mind a clean, plain, black t-shirt under a dinner jacket or suit coat if ones body shape can do it justice (mine certainly cannot). It’s a good look, in the same way I don’t mind new dark blue denim jeans with a dinner jacket if the wearer can pull it off. But not for a formal event. I’d wear the aforementioned crisp new jeans and a jacket to a classy restaurant, but with real leather-soled shoes, and an open-collared dress shirt.

    As for the rest of the “men” in those photos, good ghods. Talk about sartorial crimes.

  6. Are they really sure that’s her “Boyfriend” ?? with the amount of makeup he/she/they/us/whatever has on, I’m never sure of the gender now — as if it matters anyway. and can that dress be any shorter?? She must not have any plans to sit down or go up a stairway.

  7. On a non-sartorial topic, there are Negroes (They wouldn’t be Blacks for another 40-50 years.) attending one of the culture’s premier events in 1940.

  8. What you are seeing in those pix is the results of 3 generations of parents that have mostly ignored their parental responsibilities. Those grown men grew up absent a strong father figure and were shaped by their mothers and now are confused on just about everything, especially their own roles in life. They are easily led and lack backbone. That woman looks like an anorexic alien. shiver

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