1. That was released the same day the Mayor fired someone for questioning his policies.

    1. You just can’t make this up. And the NY Post reports a majority of NYers say their families would be better off if they lived somewhere else. They just voted this guy into office. How do they remember to breathe?

      1. Did they vote him into office? At this point I’m wondering if ANY DemonRat has been honestly elected in my lifetime.

  2. In my younger days, someone told me turkeys were stupid birds. If it rains, they said, turkeys will drown because they will look up with their beaks open, and that’s stupid.

    are New Effing Yawkers turkeys, ’cause they sure sound pretty stupid.

    1. Turkeys are far smarter and more useful than statists. NYFC is full of statists who think that they should depend on government from cradle to grave.

  3. The mayor is much more than a stupid N. As a NYer for almost 70 yrs I have followed this guy for the last 25 yrs. He is the proto BLM activist. An organizer inside the NYPD he is a communist and a self dealer just like Al Sharpton. Feared inside the NYPD he was advanced in rank to keep him happy.

    Stupid ? No. Dangerous, and as bad as the former communist mayor ? A definite YES !

  4. the racist Democrat death cult abhors freedom of speech. The abhor freedom of everything but I digress. Look at the tyrants at every social media company. They censor any viewpoint that opposes their corrupt ideology. Look at the corrupt media. They spike all sorts of news stories that show the failure of Democrat policies and their scandals. NYFC is filled with hypocrites.


  5. Kim, I like you but not going to NYC like you.

    I’m sure though, the people of Florida and DeSantis are THRILLED that the taxpayers of NYC are paying for jobs in Florida!

    1. Well said, Doc.
      I too would have serious reservations about going to NYFC –
      even if it were the only way to save a good friend.

    2. Same here re: traveling to that city; I’ve spent close to 70 years without doing so and I’d like to continue to do so.

      I’d rather take my chances on a message out of the blue saying “Kim needs bail money for saying __________________. Send what you can to ___________.”

  6. Look, I don’t think I can cover the entire Bail Cost… but I surely would contribute a health sum!

  7. Call him a faggot nigger for all I care, there should be no consequence. Because First Amendment.

    Also, fuck that guy.

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