What Bullshit

Apparently, every ailment now means you have caught the ‘Rona:

Body aches, a runny nose and diarrhoea are among the nine new signs of Covid that have been added to the NHS symptom list.

The health service quietly expanded its list of all the tell-tale signs of the virus to also include a loss of appetite, feeling or being sick and a headache.

So now basically Covid has become the trawling net for all sickness, ergo the means whereby we could be isolated, locked down or similarly oppressed for having a cold, the flu, an upset stomach or being hung over.


  1. Just like all weather events are global warm… er climate change, now all ailments are the ‘rona.

    When your only solution is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    1. You’re absolutely right.

      The fear mongering worked so like Democrat Rahm Emmanuel said “never let a crisis go to waste.” These tyrants won’t give up the Kung Flu easily. They want to keep that fresh in peoples minds so they can shut it down after elections and as they see fit

      1. Emmanuel’s Law is accurate, but incomplete. If he had been completely honest, he would have said: “Never let a crisis go to waste. If no convenient crisis exists, create one.” Ideally, you should make sure that some kind of crisis is ALWAYS in progress, so that you have an excuse for anything you want to do.

  2. …and newly revealed neurological symptoms, such as fits of unreasoning rage triggered by acts of government benevolence.

  3. My doctor’s office also has a walk in clinic the first 4 hours weekdays. It used to be convenient but any sinus related ailment is an immediate covid test that takes 36 to 48 hours to get the results back. The pollen count was 1700 this morning. That is the lowest it has been for a week. I have allergies and developed a sinus infection last week. Three days of sinus agony before I got any medical relief.

  4. Back in February my wife and I got sick. She’s convinced we had the Kung Flu because we had most of the symptoms listed, stuffed head, runny nose, chills, fever etc. All of which are also symptoms of a cold. We didn’t get tested, so unless we get an antibody test at some point we’ll never know.

    Try instituting mandatory lock downs and mask mandates again. The result will be an invitation to perform an anatomically improbable act of self copulation along with the equine transport upon which he arrived, along with an accusation of committing fellatio. Then the mandating party will be accused of improper relations with his maternal parent, it will be suggested that said parent is canine and was not married, and he will be directed to descend to the Infernal region.

    I trust no one here needs a translation…..

    Mark D

  5. “She either has a cold or Covid-19. I can’t tell the difference without a test.”

    Literally, my kid’s pediatrician, after 12 years of medical education and 20 years of experience.

    Now go back to that quote, and read it again, slowly.

  6. As was noted a few years ago, the Federal Gov’t pays hospitals for each COVID case. So as rewards encourage behaviour, we saw a lot more COVID diagnosises being reported. (I’ll also note that COVID hysteria was part of the MSM narrative.) It’ll be interesting to see if the NHS symptoms are brought to the US, to allow more money collection, and also keep the “we’re all going to die” fear porn going.

  7. I fell into this trap myuself, a few months ago. In December of last year, I was suffering from severe shortness of breath and severe fatigue. Those were both on the list of COVID-19 symptoms, so I thought maybe I had caught it. I had myself tested and it came back negative, so I went to the hospital to have the doctors figure out what was going on. Their diagnosis was heart failure. Nothing to do with COVID at all.

      1. I did, thank you. “Heart failure” means weakness of the heart muscle that impairs its ability to pump blood efficiently. In my case, this meant that excess fluid wasn’t pumped to the kidneys to be eliminated. It was just accumulating. I didn’t mention that in addition to the shortness of breath and fatigue, I had been gaining weight for no apparent reason, and I had swelling of my lower legs and feet, and even my abdomen.

        The shortness of breath was because my lungs were half full of fluid, and the fatigue was because I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The docs put me on a diuretic, and I lost 40 pounds in about two weeks just by pissing out the excess fluid. All my symptoms disappeared. I’m now on half a dozen other medications that strengthen and support the heart, and my cardiologist says it’s working MUCH better. I feel great!

        1. Sundog,
          Very glad to hear that you’re doing better!!!! I had several patients who became frequent fliers because they didn’t like their Lasix(furosemide) because they went to the bathroom too often. Teaching would include phrases like “that’s how the medication works to keep you out of the hospital. We’re fun to visit but we’d rather see you at the store than here as a patient.” Some learned.


  8. Good grief! I’ve had Covid every spring for the last 65+ years. I’m glad I finally found out what it was.

    1. Now, if I could just get some 24-h chlortrimeton….

      Those symptoms have been listed on US websites for well over a year. Funny thing, I had all the GI issues, worst GI bug(?) of my life a year and a half ago, went to the ER, and besides rehydrating me (and yelling at me to put a mask on, even though I was vomiting every minute or so and had been for several hours) they didn’t even bother testing me.

      At which point, I concluded that my suspicions about the WuFlu were correct. It’s a nothingburger compared to what they wanted us to think it was.

  9. So now every common gut bug or tainted food you eat will be classified as “CCP Covid gen XXX” just to keep the fiction alive.

    Sodemall, we are done with this BS (no pun intended).

    1. Terra Pod,
      You’re absolutely right. I wonder what they name the variants once they run out of Greek letters. I think we should name the variants after Democrats so that people associate plague and illness with the racist Democrat death cult.


      1. Oh! I LOVE that suggestion.

        May I propose it be initiated with the Pelosi April 1 CCP Covid variant, with the next one going to Hirono followed by Schiff, Schumer and (if necessary) Jackson Lee and Al Green. No lack of lowlifes to choose in that sector.

  10. A couple I know have Covid. He got off lightly; she has it bad, though not bad enough to go to hospital. Covid is no joke.

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