Gratuitous Gun Pic — Ruger PC-9 Carbine (9mm Para)

I was wandering idly through my Inbox, deleting just about 99% of it as always, when I stumbled across an ad from these guys which featured this thing:

Now, Ruger’s PC-9 has been around with us for a long time, and deservedly so.  This particular model (one of many) has been gussied up with a barrel-cooling sleeve and a Picatinny rail, and for under $650 is a pretty decent deal.

If only they made them in .45 ACP, using either 1911 mags or their own 10-round double-stack ones, I’d be seriously tempted.  But in the 9mm Europellet?  Not so much.

And I’m not the only one.


  1. This rifle looked cool when it first came out. But honestly, I’d rather have a Henry or Marlin lever action. No magazines to mess with. Easy to load. Simple to use.

    I mean I have nothing against those evil colored semi’s. However, lever actions and revolvers are so simple you just need the ammo and the tool.

    If I ever got a good deal on one, I would likely purchase, but at full price, I’d prefer something with a lever.

    Also, nothing wrong with the 9MM.

      1. Yup sure do. – on that note. Never mind 9 or 45.
        Why not make these rifles in 357 Mag? Then you would have a winner that no one would argue over.

  2. I own a PC9. I love shooting it. My mom loves shooting it. My brother loves shooting it. Yeah, it’s 9mm and I’d love it if they made a 45 version. But I can put a 124 grain nugget into a person’s nugget at 100 yards and if I run out of ammo I can hit up my wife or my brother for more. Almost no recoil, because duh, 9mm.

    So I’m gonna be contrary here and not only say that I like it, but that if you shot it, YOU would like it too.

  3. Call me a contrarian, but if I wanted a gun with those lines, I’d want it to be a PPSh-41.

    Of course, I wouldn’t get one of those for $650. 😛

  4. Looks like a handy carbine. I think Ruger made a carbine in 44mag called the model 96 or something. There was a lever action one and a semi auto. I think the Camp Carbine was made in 9mm and 45acp. I wish they made the PC able to take s&W mags.


  5. A nice little carbine, and this from someone that has resisted 9mm PCCs for decades.
    I have the standard version equipped with a RDS and it is quite handy, the takedown feature is nice for transportation. My only issue so far has been finding a RDS that was low profile enough to still see the irons.

  6. I’m not sure what use I would have for a 9mm carbine, but if I got one it would probably be a Beretta cx4 if for no other reason than I have magazines for my 2 px4 storm pistols. I think the Beretta carbine looks good but it looks too much like a kids toy for me to take seriously. As to caliber, Beretta does make their carbine in .40

    1. After my comment about the Beretta cx4 storm, thought I might check one out at my local purveyor of things shooty. Even if they weren’t selling it at 100 over msrp I wouldnt want it. It’s heavy, clunky and I cant even get my face down enough to use the peep sight. It’s a good thing I didnt really want one.

  7. Not shabby.


    I still get a lot of “what defense gun for people who want to put something aside ‘just in case’.” This lot generally doesn’t give me the impression that they’ll get more than minimal training, or invest in the practice and maintenance time needed for handgun proficiency.

    The mag fed, semi-auto pistol caliber carbine remains my standing, go to advice for such folks.

  8. I you already have an applicable pistol (Glock, 1911, Springfield XD), then a carbine conversion is an option. They are not considered a firearm, so you can get one sent right to your doorstep.
    Mech Tech Systems has a number of versions:
    I have the 1911 version I bought many years ago and recently updated with a collapsing stock.
    Drawback of the 1911 is magazine capacity.

  9. Hey Kim,

    Remember this?

    For those who want a bit more oomph than 9mm, Ruger also makes this in .40 s&w. Just saying.

    @ER Doc – Dave Nash, aka 22 Plinkster did a video of a 9mm charger with the Franklin Armory binary trigger, although his didn’t have a suppressor. Do a web search .. watching him giggle like a unicorn-obsessed school-girl is a hoot.

    @Guzzi .. my carbine sports a Nikon 3×32 scope .. In rapid fire mode, I can drill five rounds into a salad plate sized group in less than 4 seconds. That may not completed kill a goblin with bad intentions right off, but unless they’re totally hopped up on PCP, Meth, etc., it’s likely enough to cause an attitude shift, especially if I hit something vital.

  10. You can get 2 Hi-Point carbines for the price of one Ruger–one in 9mm, the other in 45acp. Or 40 S&W, or 10mm. Sure, they’re uglier than an AK, but they’re almost as indestructible, and they have a lifetime warranty.

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