Caution — Pineapples

Over the weekend, I learned something new.

Apparently, wearing a pineapple sign on your person may indicate to others that you’re an adherent of “The Lifestyle” — i.e. a swinger.  Thus, innocently wearing either of the shirts below could get you all sorts of unwelcome invitations.


or welcome invitations, perhaps.

Just be warned, it can get kinda busy in there:


Never done it myself, nor wanted to, really.  But some folks dig it, despite the obvious dangers.

Maybe just wear an unobtrusive little badge, if you’re that way inclined…?


  1. Amazing! The photo was carefully posed so as to avoid displaying a single penis. That simply doesn’t occur in nature.

    Sorta like the 2020 voting profiles.

    But I digress.

    Also, wasn’t there in fact a Start Trek NG episode about displaying an idol as being a signal one wanted er…companionship? Ah, yes. Memory does serve:

    1. A closer inspection may well reveal a substantial tranny presence in this mob scene.

      Even more gross.

  2. I’m guessing that any orgy I might get invited to might look more like visitors day at the old folks home than that group of fit young folks. That whole swingers thing strikes me as odd, don’t think it would enhance most relationships, but I’m not into sharing anyway.

  3. here In New England, and with proper Bostonians, Pineapples have always been seen as a symbol of hospitality (and wealth) connected to shipping and Sailing ships going back to the 1700’s when pineapples were brought back Whaling ships.

    But those shirts say ” I’ve just been ripped off by some sleazy shirt vendor trying to sell bad fake Magnum PI shirts. and promoting fake orgies. ”

    ……. or maybe those old uptight Yankee families were just closet swingers, and I never got the invite.

  4. Thanks for the warning, Kim.

    Since my favorite place for my wife and I to vacation, this kind of unintended message could have posed some real problems.

    That picture is thoroughly gross, BTW.

    At least it was a mixed gender event.

  5. My understanding is that the pineapple is supposed to be upside down if you are a part of that persuasion or interest… This from a millennial whom I trust implicitly. No, I am not into “that,” but it came into a discussion I was a part of.

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