See how current y’all are.  Answers below the fold.

1.  This photo is of:

a.)  a Moscow street prostitute
b.)  Bette Midler’s Halloween costume
c.)  Madonna
d.)  trannie rapper Elvine J (formerly Alvin Johnson).

2.  This photo is of:

a.)  some random chick
b.)  Katie Holmes
c.)  Adriana Lima
d.)  Kelly Brook after (yet another) crash diet

3.  Who said this:  “Saving babies from abortion is patriarchy”?

a.)  Bette Midler
b.)  AOC
c.)  Gloria Steinem
d.)  Kathy Griffin
e.)  some foul Planned Parenthood harpie

4.  One of these women was NOT raped by Harvey Weinstein


a.)  it’s a trick question;  Weinstein raped all four
b.)  Pic #1
c.)  Pic #2
d.)  Pic #3
e.)  Pic #4

5.  Which much-loved classic car is going to be relaunched with an electric engine? 

a).  VW Beetle

b.)  Austin Mini-Cooper

c.)  Fiat 500

d.)  Lotus Seven

Last question:

6.  Which beloved fiction hero has NOT been replaced by a female persona?

a.)  Robin Hood
b.)  Doctor Who
c.)  Dr. Watson (from Sherlock Holmes)
d.)  Dalton (Patrick Swayze’s lead character in Roadhouse )
e.)  “M” (James Bond’s boss in the 007 series)

1:  Madonna
2:  Katie Holmes
3:  Gloria Steinem
4:  Pic #2 (is Weinstein’s ex-wife Georgina Chapman)
5:  Austin Mini-Cooper (foul details here)
6:  Trick question;  they all have.


  1. I’m going to pass on the entire quiz, because it’s almost all about celebrities, and I know as little as possible about them.

    Also, the singular form of “harpies” is “harpy.”

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