News Roundup

News delivered with the maximum snark.

and in what format, I wonder?

oh, THAT kind of “meeting”Figures.

oh Ah don’t thank so, Scooter.  Try this:

LMAOProlly Russians or White supremacists throwing all that money at them.

LOL rock, meet hard place;  or, when faced with the consequences of stupid policy, change the terminology.

big of them.  Totalitarian assholes.

to match the one Georgetown already has for their faculty, no doubt.

the Bradford cops having solved ALL other terrible crimes in their area.

which will probably be as effective as all his other initiatives.  Can you spell “FAIL“, children?

And now comes the time for INSIGNIFICA:


And here’s someone few men would get a second job to escape from, under the same circumstances:

*may have been edited for space reasons


  1. While I am with you about New Zealand’s laws, I’m also a little fed up with “OMG, a *journalist* is having troubles!” Am I the only one tired of being asked to view that caste as one small step short of angels on earth?

    1. No, not at all. Facts going through a journalist, oats going through a horse, the end result is the same. 95% of the mendacious bastards give the rest a bad name.

  2. College students in need of a “cry room” should be told: “Your ‘cry room’ is your room at home, the one you lived in while attending high school. Go back there and cry as much as you want. To help you on your way, we are revoking your enrollment and marking your dorm room as available, effective next Monday. Remove all of your belongings from the dorm by 5:00 on Friday or we’ll dispose of them. You are welcome to apply for readmission as soon as you have grown up. College is for adults, and you are clearly not ready to be one.”

    1. Harsh, but not as harsh as my thought, which involves public flogging.

      You know, the old-style parenting threat: “Shut up, or I’ll REALLY give you something to cry about!”

      1. That phrase needs to become more prevalent again.

        College should expose people to uncomfortable ideas. This is where you learn about yourself and develop your world view.


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