Favorite Meals

What would you choose to eat if you had only one choice of meal, every day for the rest of your life?

This was the thought created by David Beckham revealing that ever since he’s known her, his pointy wife Posh (Victoria) has only ever eaten grilled fish and steamed vegetables.  (Which in turn prompted some other people to share their choices.)

Now for me, this would be something from the seven circles of Hell, because I have so many dishes that I love — having to pick only one would be torture.

I do know that I generally eat only one thing for breakfast every day — grilled boerewors, a boiled egg and a small handful of cheese curds or a bowl of yogurt — and so far, I’ve yet to get sick of it.  But as the only thing?  No.

So let’s stipulate that whatever you choose as your lifetime meal option, it’s only ONE meal of the day:  breakfast, lunch, dinner whatever.

My list of favorite dinner choices are as follows, in no specific order:

Lamb Vindaloo curry with rice and peas

Spaghetti “Bolognese” (meat sauce, to Murkins)

Steak & Mushroom Pie (as made by New Wife) and thick-cut chips

Hungarian Goulash (as made in Vienna/Budapest) on rice

Fish & Chips (cod only, as made in Britishland)

Texas OR Memphis BBQ Brisket and my version of coleslaw*

Chicken Toastie (grilled chicken chunks + only mayo toasted sandwich)
(Okay, I know it looks kinda bland, but it tastes great)

If someone said I had to eat only these seven meals (i.e. one per day) for the rest of my life, I’d probably survive…

And what would your seven daily meals be?

* Kim’s Coleslaw:  angel-hair shredded cabbage, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped Peppadew, all mixed in with Marzetti’s Cole Slaw Dressing.



No need to thank me;  it’s all part of the service.


  1. A 20-24 ounce grain fed ribeye steak cooked in lard in a cast iron pan, butter optional. That’s it. And such can easily be the only meal of the day because of the high satiety value. Been doing it for four years and not tired of it so far.

  2. My late wife (of 34 years) was Brazilian Portuguese and could/would not boil a hotdog, let alone cook a meal. However, her mother lived with us for 6 years and she could cook anything. Feijoada, a Brazilian Black Bean and smoked meat (beef and pork), I could eat every day and enjoy every bowl.

    My Last Wife (as in the last one I will ever have) is from the Punjab and has a great (spice) rack. Her curries and stews are world class, the best being a slow-cooked beef shank stew called Nihari. It is sublime.

    I can cook anything, have lived all over the world, so that’s a tough call, but if gun to head my lifetime choice would be Bigos, a Polish Hunter’s stew (smoked pork shoulder, kielbasa, bacon, potatoes, sauerkraut cooked in wine and tomatoes). A big bowl of that, a bottle of red wine and a loaf of fresh bread is all I need.

    My nephew runs a smokehouse in southern Missouri and he makes some of the best sack sausage I’ve ever tasted. My perfect breakfast is two slices of smoked sack sausage cooked in an iron skillet, a couple of farm eggs cooked in the grease, some fried taters, two cathead biscuits with butter and honey and a hot mug of coffee.

    1. Topcat,

      Could you share your recipe for Bigos? we get it at restaurants in the local Little Poland or we get canned stuff. It’s very good.


  3. My mother is an amazing cook; I have not, however, inherited her talent.

    I don’t recognise that version of coleslaw at all: over here, coleslaw is grated cabbage (red or white) and grated carrot, sometimes onion, plus maybe other root vegetables; tomatoes play no part, and it’s ground pepper if any at all. I’ll have to try it.

  4. Steak and eggs
    Chicken fried rice
    Crab cakes with cole slaw
    Hamburger and fries
    jagersnchnitzle with kraut and spetzle
    Roast Turkey with dressing

  5. Corned beef and cabbage
    Grilled liver & onions
    Roast beast & Yorkshire pudding
    The wife makes NONE of these
    She does make a killer lasagna Florentine (it’s how she got spinach into the kids.)

  6. Angel Hair Spaghetti with beef meat sauce and beef/hot Italian sausage meatballs
    Bone-in rib-eye with twice baked potato and caramelized sweat onion
    Blackened spot-tailed bass over rice with creamed Spinach
    Fried chicken with mashed potatoes (or mac and cheese), green beans, and coleslaw
    Memphis style ribs with fries and coleslaw
    Shrimp and grits with cheesy biscuits
    Chili -no beans by itself, as chili cheese dogs, over baked potato, or mixed with macaroni and cheese

    Coleslaw recipe will vary with the dish it is accompanying. For a slaw dog it is simple chipped cabbage, carrot, vinegar, and mustard. With BBQ or fried chicken it is a coarse cut cabbage, carrot, vinegar, Duke’s mayonnaise, celery seed, sugar, salt and pepper. With fish it is the BBQ recipe but cut the mayo with some mustard and drop the sugar and the cabbage is cut finer.

  7. Just the main courses, the sides are left to your imagination.

    Beef/brocolli stir fry
    Spatchcocked roast chicken with compound butter deployed between the skin & flesh
    My own homemade pizza or lazagna

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