1. What are people’s thoughts on term limits? Ideally people would institute term limits on their own but as we know, the average person is rather stupid and half of all people are even more stupid than that, thank you George Carlin. So considering the mischief and mayhem that career politicians inevitably cause and get into and the general stupidity of the electorate, do we need to mandate term limits? If we did and Congress critter finishes up their terms, what would prevent them from running a puppet and becoming their Chief of Staff or Senior Aid?


    1. Term limits would render the elected thief even more of a hapless figurehead than he is now. I forget who said it, but one term in the House means you know where the restrooms are, what not to order at the House dining room, and how to vote.
      Term limits mean the Traitorous Deep State would have even more power than it does now.
      Without term limits, there’s an outside chance someone can come into town and clean things up.

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