1. Aristotle Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only springs to mind. I seem to remember a few Bond films where they tried to provoke sharks into killing James.

    1. Laser beams. you gotta have frickin’ laser beams on their heads to get things started. Yeah baby!!!!

  2. Well, I’ve always wondered about the thinking of Surfers who decide it would be a good idea to don a jet back wet suit, and play in the surf doing a fairly good job of mimicking the activities of Great White’s favorite food — Seals

  3. I suspect “provoked” largely refers to fishermen but people do stupid things. Quite a few have been bitten while hand-catching sedentary, non-aggressive lemon sharks. Grab one by the tail on a drunken dare and you get to learn about how flexible cartilaginous fish can be.

  4. One shark to the next, “Hey, these are great eating but be sure to spit the mask out”.

    1. …or at a minimum, stay out of the ocean off the Australian coast, as everything there (not just sharks) wants to kill you.

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