1. Quite right.

        How many other academics would give up a cushy well paid tenured job for their principles?

        So far, the answer is “none”.

        1. Freddie me boy. As someone who has spend too much time in the Liberal -arts section of the University, I think the real answer to your question is easy. None would give up a cushy well-paid (they’re not THAT well paid, unless you consider they basically do nothing 30 hours a week), tenured position for their principles, because none of them really have principles. My advisor in my undergrad yooot basically spouted any ideology he could if he thought he could get laid by coeds.

  1. I like Jordan Peterson.

    I’ve listened to a LOT of his stuff, and I think he’s probably right about a lot of things.

    But he’s **not** a conservative.

    1. Given the appalling record of conservatism failing to conserve much of anything, that sounds like a point in his favor.

  2. Daughter #1 has decided she MUST go to Hillsdale. If Jordan Peterson ends up there, I might have to go too.

  3. Most of academia is beyond hope. When professors are forced by administration and department heads to include diversity subjects in math, science, engineering, etc where it doesn’t belong then you know that it isn’t about education rather it is about indoctrination. Just shut the lights off and abandon the place.

    When I studied engineering in the 90s there was little politics mentioned in the coursework because it wasn’t germane to the subject matter. When I went back to school in the the 2010s politics and public policy were brought up at every opportunity. It was appalling.

    Good luck to Peterson. I enjoy his commentary and insight very much.


  4. The University of Austin might be a good landing place for him, at least once they get up and running.

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