Black & White Beauties

We haven’t done one of these for a while, so from my archives, feast your eyes on some of the lesser-known beauties of yore:

Patricia Morison

Lisa Gay

Corinne Calvet

Ruth Roman

Evelyn Nesbit

Odette Lara

Hildegard Knef

…and the original Bond Girl, Lilian

And just for the heck of it, something a little more daring from Miss Bond:



  1. …you DO realize that there’s CRAZY just oozing out of ALL their eyes, right?
    (Except Ms. Nesbit…with her I see some SERIOUS daddy-issues!)

    1. From the Wikipedia article on Ms. Nesbit:

      “ She is best known for her years as a young woman in New York City, particularly her involvement in a deadly love triangle between railroad scion Harry Kendall Thaw and architect Stanford White, which resulted in White’s murder by Thaw in 1906.”

      Plenty of crazy to go around.

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