1. Am I the only one who thinks that every time someone is forced to discharge a firearm in self defense, the local authorities should be required to generously compensate him for ammunition expended, as well as wear and tear on his weapon? If nothing else, to encourage them to keep the violent sociopaths in line.

    1. It’s a good thought, but maybe a bridge too far. Ammo is just a household consumable, like salt. Far better that the city or county compensate him for the door / window that the late choirboy broke.

  2. The ‘choirboy’ should definitely reimburse their intended victims. I don’t know if that burden should fall on the tax payers.

    Criminals don’t fear the police, legal system or jail system so they must learn to fear the armed citizen if we desire crime to decrease. Make crime a very dangerous occupation and you will see crime decrease.


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