1. Let’s not forget the possibility that Maxwell agreed to keep stumm in exchange for her life, a short sentence with early parole and a passcode with one of the small banks in the back streets of Zurich.

    She was an astute operator who no doubt has secret stashes all over the world containing amusing and interesting photos and videos which will be released in the event of her untimely death.

    Besides, she still has her stable list and many contacts in the perversion world. The elite perverts will be happy to do business with her again, just as soon as she’s out. Why not? She has so far proved to be quite discreet.

  2. Now that she’s been convicted, quite frankly I don’t care if she gets Arkancided. What was needed was a fair trial, with witnesses being heard and given their day and then judgement passed. I do hope she makes it to sentencing, though, to see what she rightfully earned. After that, good riddance. To learn of her dying a slow lingering death would be satisfying, or likewise, incarcerated in a place where she herself gets traded to other inmates on a nightly basis wouldn’t suck, but if someone shanks her in the exercise yard and she bleeds out unceremoniously I would not shed a tear. Just so long as she’s never allowed to leave prison alive.

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