Flying The Canceled Skies

As the busy holiday travel season gets underway, millions of travelers flock to the nation’s major airports. This comes as a big shock to some of the nation’s major airlines, which apparently had not been informed that the holidays can be a busy travel time. As one distraught airline executive put it: “Suddenly all these people just showed up with tickets they apparently purchased from us. How in God’s name is anybody supposed to plan for THAT?” — Dave Barry

Wheeeee what fun!


Translation:   We were going to lose our asses with all those cheap tickets we sold for Christmas, so here’s a handy excuse to get rid of them.

Feel free to change my mind.


  1. I could write all day about this bullshit, but ill put two points down

    1 – Execs pay should be tied to performance of the company. If you require further explanation, either you are complicit in the overpaying of fucked up useless assholes or you are just plain stupid.

    2 – Next time the airlines (no matter the brand or company) run into some kind of financial issue, too fucking bad! NO BAILOUTS paid for by taxpayers. If you are too stupid to run a company properly and can’t figure out how (or don’t care) to treat your customers fairly and with respect, then you deserve to go out of business. AGAIN NO BAILOUTS EVER AGAIN.

  2. The rat finks at work…looks like a backdoor deal to keep people from gathering. Everything these cretins say is projection. “Please stay at home and limit your Holiday activities with family and friends”, ACTUALLY MEANS (when the morons see people telling them to go pound sand) “If you don’t comply with our “request” we’ll simply cancel your flights.

    Smiting from the heavens needs a comeback.

  3. As of a little while ago, there were over 200 flights cancelled, nationwide. Bad for some folks today, but what happens tomorrow, or a few days down the line when the necessary equipment isn’t where it needs to be so all those cranky people can go home.

    Just one of the COUNTLESS reasons I don’t travel farther than the corner tavern for the holidays.

    1. Now before someone (no one here, really) says anything about railroad, I ask if anyone traveling by train in the last fifty years actually got where they were going in anything close to the scheduled time?
      There used to be a saying, “the schedule is at best a rough estimate, at worst, a pious hope.”
      I’ve had family “take the train”, and the idea that the schedule could possibly be a rough estimate is also a pious hope.

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