Quote Of The Day

From Taki:

When the commies blew up my father’s factories following the war—he had shut them down for four years—he came to America and became a shipowner.  Little ole me followed a few years later.
The place was paradise for the haves and close to paradise for the have-nots. It now reminds me a bit of immediate postwar Europe.
A place full of violent men seeking retribution, displaced persons complaining of having gotten a raw deal, and opportunist politicians seeking to gain an edge.
And it’s all Thomas Jefferson’s fault.

Sounds about right.


  1. https://www.takimag.com/article/the-new-old-continent/

    It’s a powerful article and well worth reading in its entirety. The previous paragraph is even more powerful than the one you quote:

    Never mind. Discrimination in America is hardly new. The Irish were the first to feel it, and they did feel it rather hard, followed by the Jews and then by the Italians. The Hispanics came after World War II. When I see what those races have accomplished in America, the high rates of violent crime among blacks and Hispanics cannot be entirely blamed on systemic racism, with individuals themselves being blameless. George Floyd, a career criminal and drug addict, is not representative of black America, as some losers pretend. Black Americans deserve better.

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