News Roundup

Increasing irrelevant, perhaps leading to the conclusion that “News Roundup” may just be renamed “INSIGNIFICA” in the future.

good old Mother Nature to the rescue.  Now if these microbes could just evolve to eat Communists

LOL that Austrians are revolting against fascism, of any kind.

if it did, the National Front would have been the ruling party for the last two decades.

clearly, the producers have decided that viewing audience size is irrelevant to a movie’s commercial success.

although it’s a pub (a Good Thing) it should have been a storehouse for guns and ammo… oh wait, it’s in Britishland.  Nemmind.

I wonder where he got that idea, that even criminals hate kiddie-fondlers?

key word: Pakistan.

I don’t know what “bodies” means in the current vernacular, but I do know that “Elizabeth Warren” and “big meat” should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

he’ll be acquitted if the jury consists of men over 65.

the number “25” no doubt arrived at through scientific study, rather than government pulling an arbitrary number out their ass.

Which leads us inexorably into INSIGNIFICA:


And the ultimate INSIGNIFICA:

“Arise, Sir Lewis.”  What a load of old bollocks.


as an employment tip for my female Readers.


  1. James Bond is bent? Only if Ian Fleming originally wrote the character that way. I hope his estate sues.

    That Warren/Big Meat act sounds like a show in Tijuana.

    1. IF the next portrayal of Bond is “non-binary”, then make is realistic and have the character off itself at the end of the film since the precedent has now been set with No Time To Die…

    1. F1 driver and a bloody snowflake. Pity the prince Charlie did not have a lateral tick with the wrist.

  2. Microbes have already evolved to eat commies. As ever, it falls to the rest of us to make them into good enough commies to participate in the process.

  3. Will, ya beat me to it.
    All that is needed is for enough communists to land in the ocean traveling Air Pinochet, the oceans will take care of the rest.

  4. Warren claimed in her standard rant the other day that Elon didn’t pay any Taxes. and in 2018 he didn’t, because he had no income that year and didn’t owe anything ( Doesn’t take a Salary from any of his companies). Elon tweeted back that this year his Tax bill and payments will total nearly $12 Billion. and told Warren “Don’t spend it all at once…….. Oh, wait you already did”. Warren changed the subject.

    He sold shares ( thus incurring a capital gain tax ) so he could exercise his option to buy 2 million shares at $ 6.00 )

  5. The microbes have evolved successfully to eat communists. They just need our help putting the communists in the ground where the microbes can and will digest them.

  6. Microbes eating plastics is Old News, and has been officially known and unofficially ignored in favor of the narrative that we are “kILlInG tHe OcEaNs!!!” for at least two or three decades now.
    Some journalist fresh out of school must have rediscovered this knowledge, and pressed “publish” before checking whether the information was Narrative-Approved.
    But I remember hearing about this at least 20 years ago, if not more.

  7. Concerning the plastic eating microbes. Mother Nature will take care of business whatever way she can. As these little do-gooders get with the program, they’ll eat more and more, grow stronger and larger, reproduce and eat more and require more. So, what happens when they decide that there’s a whole new world of tasty plastic outside the oceans?


  8. (It’s science pure and simple, all plastics come from the far side of the moon and the mili-molecules are collected with huge vacuum silos from the bits of lightning that result from climate change storms and that is why they will have to be stored in the Grand Canyon until it overflows if we keep on using plastic spoons, forks, knives, sporks and grocery bags, after millions of years all life will be gone from the earth and the plastic straws and styrofoam containers will still be here.) Quote from an eleven year old scientist in the summation of his science project cause it is science.

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