Quelle Surprise

I wonder what made people hate the idea of this cow being the Comptroller of the Currency so much?  Oh yeah:

Saule Omarova’s stated supported proposals would cause banks to cease being depository institutions for individual accounts, reassigning these checking and savings “demand deposit accounts” directly to the Federal Reserve. That proved too radical an agenda for Democrat and Republican senators to take a risk on  [I should fucking well hope so — K]; particularly given that the head of the OCC does, indeed, have the power to facilitate such changes as part of their tenure.
Omarova also raised eyebrows with her support for the concept of a National Investment Authority (NIA) that would have the power to direct private capital investment in the US from a central planning entity.

This steely-eyed Stalinist bitch (a graduate of Moscow State University — yes!) would have, at a stroke, completely demolished the entire concept of private property — yes, money earned is actually property, just not as far as Communists are concerned — and made the almighty Federal Government the controller of our personal finances.  And ditto for private investment — centrally controlled by government and not by companies, shareholders and individuals.

Of course, “President” Braindead called this opposition a “personal attack”, when in fact it was simply sharp opposition to her little plan to destroy the economy of the United States.

I need to stop now before I say something terrible.


  1. Wow.. I thought you were kidding about her gradiating from Moscow State University. You left out that she’s was on the “Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship” (if you believe Wikipedia).

  2. One thing I just don’t get about this, er, individual:

    Having been in the data processing industry for four decades (if you count my time in college), I’ve known a LOT of Russian immigrants. Hell, one of my college profs was a defector. I’ve worked with a couple dozen people who came here from various Soviet states. The vast majority are Capitalists right down to to the soles of their feet, and they love what America stands for far more than a great many people who were born here. One of my co-workers said, when Obama was elected for his first term, that she left Russia to ESCAPE Communism and here Americans VOTED for it.

    So how can someone who also LEFT Communism behind seriously want to implement it here? I guess this bint is the exception that proves the rule.

    I’ve said before that Socialists are either stupid, crazy or evil. Stupid because they’re intentionally ignorant of what happens under Socialism. Crazy, because they want to try the same thing that’s failed miserably every other time, expecting different results. Or evil, because they KNOW what’s going to happen, but they expect they’ll be among the few apparatchiks on top, they’ll be the ones SENDING people to the Gulags, not going there themselves. (paging Mr Trotsky).

    Mark D

    1. Given when she emigrated, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a Communist sleeper agent.

      1. Then she hadn’t had her resume scrubbed sufficiently before her nomination, and has said too many dangerous things that compromised her mission here. Has Smersh disappeared completely?

      2. Kim,
        I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if there were many sleeper agents in the US like her. Barry Sotoero comes to mind.

        Scott, definitely embrace the power of ‘and’


  3. You’re seeing evil where I am seeing stupidity so deep it’s worse than evil.

    Evil people just want to steal a lot and kill you if you resist.

    Stupid people think that what they plan is harmless or perhaps even good, and wind up stealing everything and killing millions.

    1. Fred,
      Is stupid versus evil a differentiation without any real difference? The end result is the same, they want to steal other people’s property and rights.


    2. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – A. Clarke
      Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice;
      Any sufficiently advanced malice is indistinguishable from incompetence.

      Once upon a time I would have thought that incompetence was almost always the cause of ‘things ‘. Now, not so much.

  4. Yeah, because the concept of the central planning entity has such a stellar track record…

  5. It is a measure of the intentions of the present faux-Administration that such an evil creature was even nominated.
    From an aghast Brit, I say “America, beware! Your principal enemy lies within, and it’s in the White House!”

  6. What the outrage machine misses is that her first appointment in Treasury came from the Bush administration. Outrage is warranted but I would suggest misdirected.

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