Here’s a handwringing article which should make us all chuckle:

How France embraced the far right

At his rally, Eric Zemmour outlined his plans to create a political party called “Reconquest”, referring to the historic period known as the Reconquista, when Christian forces drove Muslim rulers from the Iberian peninsula.
Mr Zemmour is campaigning on a bizarre zero immigration policy and has frequently come under fire for his anti-Muslim comments.

Am I the only one who thinks that a zero-immigration policy isn’t bizarre?  (And I’m speaking as an immigrant myself.)

All I know is that somewhere in the ether, Charles Martel is smiling.


  1. Noticing that too here in the States. Basically how the leftist/woke/douchebag ideology is treated as the “baseline” that any contra arguments/ideas now have to fight uphill against. But of course that cannot be accidental.

    I for one will be watching the outcome of the 3rd battle of Poitiers with enthusiasm.

  2. Australia is flooded with the dregs of the third world. One of the great benefits of covid has been the closed borders.

    I would vote for anybody who promised zero immigration, on that one issue.

  3. Even more hilariously, the Express literally has an image of a Crusader on its masthead. The editors must be immune to irony.

  4. Even if Zemmour is nibbled by TPTB, he’s succeeded in shifting the Overton window. Well played.

    And no Kim you’re not alone and I’ve a funny feeling we’re actually the silent majority, getting less silent every day.

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