Sue Them Out Of Existence

…Ford, that is, after the Waukesha incident where (according to the NYT) an SUV killed several people in a Christmas parade.

Ford is clearly responsible for the criminal misuse of its product. Yes, the company is selling a legal product through legal means, but it is ultimately Ford’s duty and moral obligation to ensure that criminals or those with potential future criminal intent are not able to acquire its products, whether through a Ford dealership, a used car dealer, a private party sale, or even by theft.

Silly, is it?  Change “Ford” to “Remington” or “Colt”, and “car” to “gun” — and this is precisely what the media and Left are advocating.

Evil bastards.


    1. Sure has. Product liability.
      10 year old cuts his hand on an old derelict Bonanza sitting in a field
      and Beechcraft gets sued for half the money in the world ! The designers
      at Beechcraft SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the the aluminum panels had
      sharp edges that were dangerous and “DONE SOMETHING’ !
      Disgusting ambulance chasers.
      Ask me sometime about the psychic who sued because a CAT scan
      destroyed her abilities – jury trial, 45 minutes and 1 million dollars later,
      it was all over !!

  1. this is what happens when personal responsibility is denigrated and discouraged. This has been the tide for decades


  2. I seem to recall some years ago that, in order to ‘get’ the cigarette companies, the rules of liability for legal products were changed. I don’t know the details, and am fuzzy on the timing, but seem to recall that multiple sources observed that the secondary effects would be bad.

    The anti-smoking Crusade went off the rails sometime in the late 1970’s, when it became clear that no matter how they badgered people, a certain number just wouldn’t do as they were told by their betters and give up smoking. Since then the Crusades have multiplied like cockroaches (which most of their activists resemble, at least morally).

    The Progressive establishment just cannot abide people who won’t do as they are told. Just like pretty much every other social/political Elite in human history.

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