Monday Funnies

This Monday, things are looking up…

Let’s dodge the Monday Falling Anvils with a joke or two:

And from Over There in Britishland:

…and back here in Murka:

And back in the U.K… this is Addison Rae Ellis:

She seems nice.  No, I have no idea who she is or what she does, either.

Sunday, Italian Style

It’s Italy Day here on this back porch of mine:

…and here are some fine Italian things.

First up, a matched pair of Rizzini shotguns:

Next up, a 1955 Fiat 8V, styled by Zagato:

…and a 1967 Fiat 2400 Dino Spider:

Speaking of fine Italian models of yore, it’s about time we looked at Sophia again:

…and her younger compatriot, Monica Bellucci:

And speaking of yummy:


Where could one buy such things?  Well, in Milan, for instance:

That’s all Italian style, folks, and it’s pretty much unbeatable.

Flash Back

I have mentioned before that New Wife used to drive a red MGB GT back in the days of yore, when she were a weeny in her early 20s.  Unlike me, she has photos — well, one photo, anyway:

That’s her brother, upon whose shoulders many of the (frequent) repairs fell.  In true Brit sports car driver fashion, however, she accepted that frequent breakdowns were just a fact of ownership:  the joys of open-top driving in a perfect climate on the hill roads around her house were more-than-adequate compensation.

While she was swanning around like Lady Muck, Your Humble  Narrator was chugging around in one of these, hauling band equipment (which was way heavier than the recommended top load):

…only it was colored in a sort of sickly bamboo yellow.  Don’t laugh;  I got over 175,000 miles out of it before it was stolen.

Here’s what Drummer Knob was driving:

…as part of his trainee-plutocrat program.  It was never stolen.

Earworm:  Those Were The Days

Month Of Contrasts

Ahhh October… when fall colors appear:

…the weather turns cooler:

…and we see the arrival of (ugh) pumpkin-flavored everything:

…not to mention wall-to-wall horror movies (double ugh) on every TV channel:

Myself, I prefer the only thing that matters in October:

Your opinion may differ, but you’d be wrong.

Quote Of The Day

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D):

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Democrat / Socialist attitude, explained in a single sentence.  Two concepts in one:

“All your child are belong to us.”

“We know better than you what your kids should be learning.”

Is it too soon to start the public hangings?

Canuck Overview

Da Tech Guy has a funny albeit telling post about the recent elections in the Snowy North:

Basically Trudeau’s liberals stayed where they were with the most seats but not the majority that he was hoping for. Meanwhile conservatives who thought a bit ago that they might end up winning stayed right where they were.

The funny part comes at the very end, and features Mitt Romney.

I normally give Canadian election results only a cursory look, but I have to admit to being surprised that His GirlyBoyness got reelected.  Have all Canuckis gone horribly Left?  I asked myself.

Now I know how it happened.