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Da Tech Guy has a funny albeit telling post about the recent elections in the Snowy North:

Basically Trudeau’s liberals stayed where they were with the most seats but not the majority that he was hoping for. Meanwhile conservatives who thought a bit ago that they might end up winning stayed right where they were.

The funny part comes at the very end, and features Mitt Romney.

I normally give Canadian election results only a cursory look, but I have to admit to being surprised that His GirlyBoyness got reelected.  Have all Canuckis gone horribly Left?  I asked myself.

Now I know how it happened.


  1. That article was a good summation. Except for the statement of O’Toole pushing to the center. That was the furthest thing from what happened. He didn’t push to the center he pushed past it to further left. He stepped back on the party platform to cancel the Liberals Order In Council banning SBR’s and “assault style rifles”, he promised to keep a carbon tax, he said he wouldn’t work for balanced budgets, etc.

    We had a low voter turn out and a lot of conservatives were disgusted with the Conservative Party of Canada, gallop towards the left. Maxine Bernier and his party, People’s Party of Canada, tripled their support from two years ago (okay from 1.5% to 5.6%, still a huge change in two years). A lot of conservatives are now fearing what’s going to happen next. My firearm club had their annual meeting this past week and the consensus was to not spend anything expect on necessary upkeep in case things happen like central storage of firearms being rammed down our throats.

    A lot hasn’t changed up here and nothing will until we get a proper conservative government in place.

  2. The nominally conservative more or less mainstream Canadian parties got 6,622,061 votes out of 16,963,049 mainstream votes cast. The more or less successful Liberal party only got 5,556,491.

    We have 3 huge problems up here, namely,
    -a population that is 61% left,
    -gerrymandered seats giving the Liberals a substantial advantage,
    -Quebec, for which it is impossible to say they are right or left because they usually vote as a tribe for their own tribal good no matter whether it harms the rest of Canada or not.

    Canada is doomed and now think the USA is done for as well.

    For some years I had been converting real estate investments to securities and planning a move to the USA. I have abandoned that idea, you’re nearly as big a mess as we are. Better to stay here and fight.

    1. “Better to stay here and fight.”

      Always been my policy.

      Can’t run from flowing shit. It will find you.

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