Well, Now

Here’s an interesting piece of news coming from Seffrica:

Members of the the South African men’s cricket team competing at the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates have been ordered to “take the knee” before every match. A directive issued by the Cricket South Africa (CSA) Board late Monday night outlined the new requirement.
The move follows the team’s T20 World Cup opener against Australia on the weekend when players were seen variously standing, kneeling or raising a fist during the statutory pre-match BLM protest.

And then this subsequent situation:

South African cricket star Quinton de Kock withdrew from a major international competition Tuesday rather than follow a new policy requiring players to kneel for the country’s national anthem in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
De Kock, who was named South Africa’s “Cricketer of the Year” in 2020, and who has served as the team’s captain, made himself unavailable for the team’s T20 World Cup match against the West Indies on Tuesday, rather than be forced to kneel.

I know that few Readers on this here back porch would be familiar with the game and players of cricket, so let me tell you:  this is a big fucking deal.  Quinton de Kock is one of the best cricketers in the world — ask anyone who follows international cricket — and as he’s the team’s wicket-keeper (catcher, in baseball terms) and a first-class batter who has more than once won games all by his own efforts, his loss to the SA team will be incalculable.

That said, Cricket South Africa is more of a political institution than a sports governing body, so they’re not going to make an exception — CSA is the bunch of fools who mandated that all SA cricket teams have to consist of x number of White players, y number of Black players, and z number of “other races”, regardless of talent.  So the teams are picked almost exclusively by color.

Anyway, De Kock has decided not to follow this BLM kneeling bullshit, and good for him.  His courage in putting it all on the line for his beliefs will not be forgotten.


  1. Now if everyone, I mean EVERYONE, would do the same, while taking a cricket bat (or other blunt instrument of your choice) to those to don’t, the world might begin to right itself.

  2. Well I for one agree! When it comes to cricket…? BFD! HAR HAR HAR!

    Sorry Kim – couldn’t help myself. You have to be a rugby guy too, I would think?

    I shouldn’t be a dink. What with all the faggotry going on with the NFL and CFL… they are largely irrelevant non-sports too! It’s time to turn that shite off and get off the couch and go outside, and do something.

  3. For those who are not impressed, it seems like I recall once reading that Cricket is actually the most popular game in the world, and it is not even close.
    I do know that it is quite popular in many parts of the former British Empire, and that alone is saying much.
    Stay safe,Kim, and and enjoy your time with the changes of the seasons. From an old reader of your writing, here in Michigan.

  4. Good for him. Maybe this will turn into a Horatius at the bridge moment. But I doubt it. These “equity” fuckwads simply don’t care who they run over to implement the agenda. Its all for the greater good.

    Its also why comics and others who are making fun of the woke orthodoxy are getting subject to the hateful backlash. Authoritarians want to be loved, can live with being hated and feared, but cannot afford to be laughed at.

  5. Got a feeling that de Kock is going to be “reminded of his place” by an armed mob of black “enforcers” soon, ending up either in the ICU or the graveyard with little or no press attention.

    That’s what happens to whites who aren’t properly subservient to their black overlords in the RSA.

  6. Sadly, Quinton has reversed his decision, apologised to his team mates and will submit to the cringeworthy “taking a knee” on orders from South Africa Cricket.

    Very disappointing.

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