Quietly Seething

After reading this, I think I can safely say that I’m with the author.

We Americans have been asleep for a long time now, failing to surveil our politicians and bloated bureaucracy. As our Declaration of Independence tells us, “…all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”
In the very next sentence, however, this same document states that when the people suffer from “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” then “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.”

I think we’re getting very close to that point, but what interests me, from a philosophical standpoint, is whether we’re going to do the “Irish democracy” type of rebellion — whereby laws are just generally ridiculed or ignored:

I don’t think we’ll go for the French “Aux barricades!”  stuff;  that’s more the Pantifa style, and we ain’t them:

…which leaves the American kind of rebellion:

It sure is going to be interesting, and if I were our modern-day tyrants, I’d be hoping for the Irish kind.  The last would be… interesting.


  1. The big problem for the Big Government types is that while they have a lot of people under their employ, the ones on their side who could actually be trusted to respond with force represent a tiny, tiny minority of the population.

    They’re outnumbered by a ridiculous amount if it ever comes down to a shooting conflict, which is why you have the dimbulbs who harp about “well, we have the planes and tanks and nukes!” Except, of course, anyone with any military knowledge knows they’d “have” less than half of those, and might end up having none.

    I honestly wonder if the lefties in charge are hoping for a shooting war with China, so they could try and pull off a real, full-sized coup while trusting the right side of the aisle to stand down during a foreign war.

  2. Having discussed the matter with a few Americans, I think we’re likely to at least start with the “Irish” option. Whether we proceed to the “American” option is up to the people who currently think they’re in charge.

    We’ll happily ignore their laws and get on with our lives, but if they push back too hard, well, who knows?

    1. There are more than a few who are already participating in an Irish Rebellion.
      Many of them are fully prepared to move on.

  3. I hope we start the Irish method and if that doesn’t work we go full on American.

    Oil prices are up so we’ll have to find an alternative to tar I think. PErhaps Gorilla Glue since it worked on some imbecile’s hair. The downside is that there is no heat involved in its application.


    1. A town on CA-1, half way between Morro Bay and Carmel, has Premium gas posted at $8+/gl. The closest other gas station is over 15miles away in one direction, in the other it’s about 40miles.

  4. They tried to abolish local police forces with BLM and ANTIFA defund crap. That didn’t work so well so now they are trying to do the same with vax mandates. When the martial law is implemented as a result of no locals being able to do the job, the SHTF will truly begin.

  5. Looking back to local colonial era events, the Boston Port Act closed the port of Boston to commerce in March 1774 as a response to the Boston Tea Party held the previous year. This threw lots of people out of work. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. What do hard drinking out of work guys do? they drink and get more and more mad. I think that was a great recruiting tool for the colonial militia groups.

    Fast forward now and we see people getting tossed out of work due to vaccination mandates. Many still have firearms. Keep poking that bear and the statists will get deposed one way or another.


  6. I think we’ll start with the Irish rebellion, combined with various “annoyance” activities. Like how the power lines going into City Hall keep getting knocked down. Or the card slot at the ATM near the government office keeps getting epoxied shut. Or the locks on the building that houses the government offices get krazy-glued shut. The imagination, it roams.

    Not that I’m advocating for such illegal activities you understand, just predicting how people might react.

    Mark D

  7. Some have lamented that the Australians and the French (the French!) have been rioting and fighting the police in protest of mask mandates and lockdowns, while we Americans…haven’t. Well, that’s because masking and distancing haven’t been enforced nearly as enthusiastically as in other countries. I spent all of last year as an LTL (less than truckload) driver, cross-crossing this great nation. And enforcement of distancing and the wearing of “magic face woobies” was spotty at best. I’m back to local deliveries now (The People’s Republic of Minnesota) and even though the “wear your mask!” stickers are still plastered over the doors, no one really enforces it nowadays except at hospitals and care centers. Put simply, we aren’t rebelling because except in the bluest of the blue zones, where the governed and government deserve one another, we aren’t nearly as oppressed as our other Western brethren.

  8. I might suggest that “Irish Rebellion” has always been a part of America. Consider the failed experiment of Prohibition, the ineffective war on drugs, Burt Reynold’s (as the Bandit) battle against the 55mph speed limit and the level of non compliance with almost all gun laws. A hundred years ago my wife’s grandfather who was otherwise a decent law abiding man was in the alcohol import business because that’s what he had to do to feed his family. Until now the rebellion has been mostly for personal or monetary issues but its becoming more politicized. It may never get to a shooting war but I wonder if our society might just dissolve into anarchy where the people just won’t obey the laws and the government, through lack of finances, competence, and cooperation will be unable to enforce those laws.

    1. When the FBI comes out to a school board meeting and breaks out the handcuffs for parents complaining about CRT and other issues, you have to wonder how in hell do they think they’ll be able to drive back to their offices?

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