News Roundup

News, like Nancy Pelosi’s drink problem, barely worth commentary.

once again the really interesting thing about this is that over one third of the people think that President Braindead is doing an okay job.

dog bites man news:  socialists have never known how an economy works.

oh yes it can.  Forever.

and in solidarity, I bought a box of Frosted Flakes for the first time in nearly twenty-five years.

when as any fule kno, the correct acronym is LGBTOSTFU.

I think I’d need a thousand-odd words to write that article, myself.

From the Heart Of Stone Dept.:

and stop that laughing.

Almost as good, from the Dept. Of Irony:

imagine walking in Washington D.C.  What idiots.

anyone who’s ever worked in retail will understand this one.

anyone who has ever tried to find parking in an English village will know exactly how this came about.

not surprising, as SNL hasn’t been funny since the 1990s.




Nice that we’re all here to bear witness to the Fall…


  1. Unfortunately, those women are the exception rather than the rule. Usually you have women who are six sizes too large to wear a skintight costume parading around like overstuffed sausages..

    1. 5 will get you 10 they’re booth bunnies, not attendees. My experience yields similar observations.

  2. “…imagine walking in Washington D.C.” – Imagine sending your kid to a DC school. Getting run over on the way was probably a blessing.

    Socialists don’t know how anything works in the physical world. Democrats have a habit of instituting dumb regulations, then declaring a victory later if anything other than a collapse happens. I’m thinking of Clinton’s luxury taxes, which decimated entire industries here, and Obama’s trucking regulations, which are fudgepacking distribution now.

  3. Kim:

    Make sure to always use the appropriate abbreviation:


    Which of course means, “Let’s Get Biden To Quit”.

  4. Re the Prince Charles article, I just realized that there’s a huge disadvantage to a very long-lived monarch: her heir can remain a total fool until he’s so old he can’t change when responsibility finally drops into his lap.

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