About Yesterday

This past Sunday was a rare event:  New Wife prepared her homemade fish ‘n chips, while I did my bit by drinking some  quite a bit  okay a lot of British ale.

The result of all this was that I neglected to post the regular Monday Funnies feature which, as I was going to break with tradition and make it a XXX-Monday Funnies, was probably A Good Thing.

The regular feature will resume next week.


  1. I’d be heartily “celebrating” as well if herself let me cook fish and chips. She won’t eat fried food.

    There’s a place near me call “Fish & Fizz” that’s like a London chippy. Even has a black cab out front.

    I waddled down there when she was travelling. Thought I died and went to heaven. Sadly they have staffing issues so it’s only to go now. (Which means, here in DFW, you won’t be ‘going’ with the ale)

  2. no worries. Any day is a good day for XXX funnies.

    Time with the missus takes precedence over the blog. Glad to hear that you had good fish and chips. Malt vinegar?


    1. Also, I got a crit about Signing New England which complained about “too much sex” in the book, even though it is clearly placed in the “Erotica” section… oh well.

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