Winning Combination

Longtime Readers will know that among my many passions in life (guns, beautiful women etc.) are two things especially:  cars and fine art, especially paintings.

The latter two may seem a little at odds with each other, but there you go:  each of the two inspires wonder in me.

If you follow my reasoning, and you should, then let me introduce you all to some of the works of artist Alan Fearnley:


One may think that Fearnley specializes in older cars;  but one would be wrong:

One might also think that Fearnley specializes in classic pastoral themes, but again one would be wrong:


And finally, Fearnley doesn’t just do cars:


I have over a dozen of his pics saved as laptop wallpapers.  Here’s one:

Longtime Readers will not be surprised at this choice.

All the above, and many more, can be found here.  No need to thank me, it’s all part of the service.


  1. Strange thing this morning, I cannot bring your site up on Safari but it comes right up on Chrome. I have no idea if that means anything or how that stuff works. Thought you might want to know.

  2. This is the problem. None of his paintings show enough people of color, or healthy homosexual relationships, and the gender assumptions are appalling. As such they need to join Confederate statues in the dustbin of history.

  3. I particularly like the first of your Fearnley paintings, the fly fisherman and the 30’s MG.

    Peace and solitude.

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