Quote Of The Day

From Jim Treacher:

“By the time I learn enough about a breaking news story to realize I don’t care, it turns out to be bullshit anyway.”

Nowadays, I seldom bother even to learn about a “breaking” news story.  I prefer to look in on it a week later, to save myself the irritation.

Note:   Treacher’s words have been uncensored, because on this website, you can say what you say without fear thereof.


  1. Treacher gets what he wants, whines.

    However, I started doing the exact thing years ago. Step 1 is to shoot your TV.

  2. I called an old friend and hunting buddy of mine who lives in Oklahoma and asked him about Ivermectin, my friend is a doctor in his early 80’s who was on the staff of the University of Oklahoma medical school for a number of years, he started laughing and told me that Ivermectin taken orally is extremely effective in treating COVID and other aliments in humans as well as animals. He also told me that he and his wife have some at their house in case they get COVID and would not hesitate to use it. He was aware that the Doctor in Eastern Oklahoma who made up the silly story had not been in the hospital for the past two months and would probably be facing some tough questions from the state about keeping his license to practice medicine. We also discussed the fact that the media loves to scare the crap out of people and make conservative redneck states look stupid.

    1. OldTexan,
      Nothing in your post surprises me. After they announced the nonsense in Oklahoma I heard the same thing that the doctor had not been in the ED for two months etc and the story was essentially debunked by rather a rather simple investigation. I hope the medical board sanctions that doctor who made the false statement. Unfortunately the Medical Boards, Bar Associations etc rarely give the miscreant a meaningful punishment


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