1. Announced a few days ago … at the end of this year Mel Brooks is releasing his first memoir.

  1. Eugene learns that it’s unwise to play punch-for-punch with someone with steel fists.

    Dude, your punch didn’t hurt my horse, but the stink of your armpit nearly knocked him out.

  2. Heh.. First thing I thought of was Mongo…

    In all fairness, the photo looks worse than it is. Watching the source video, he didn’t actually punch the horse.

  3. When the police answered the toxic gas call, they found it was only a Right Guard ad shoot.

    1. So she bit the offenders hand off instead, in a dazzling display of speed and power. (Not shown due to excessive blood and shrieking)

  4. Unaware of the updated uniforms of the Mongol army. Carl was shocked when sabers were drawn and he was promptly beheaded.

  5. i remember throwing a punch at something and then I woke up with all these horseshoe tattoos all over my body. Strange eh?

  6. “Man arrested at a ‘Sex and the City’ reboot protest after he punched Sarah Jessica Parker in the mouth.”

    1. True fact.
      I was driving past and saw the whole thing.
      And the sad part… it improved her facial zone as seen in this ‘after’ shot.
      Word is, any day now, we can expect the spin-off Sex And The Stable.
      Starring the other nineteen members of the Twenty-Mule Team.
      (So, somebody else is also thinking ‘ye gads!, not in a million years!’)

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