1. I don’t have anything against people being religious in general. To each their own.

    The thing that I can’t help but notice is the real extremist religious people are some of the biggest assholes on the planet.

    You have a pretty sizable amount of catholic priests who for years either molested children or covered for those who did.

    You have these door to door salesman like the Jehovah witnesses trying to sell you a spot in the afterlife.

    You have the Scientology whackos who seem to try to sell their bullshit to big money rich people, and many bite, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

    And don’t even get me started on this Allah bullshit. For a religion of peace, every time you hear about them they seem to be trying to get other people to meet an untimely end.

    Seems to me that religion might be, as many have said before “a crutch for a weak mind”. At least when people join cults and do stupid shit for the wrong reasons.

    If you are however normal, peaceful and practice any religion and you treat others well, Carry on. In the case of Jack Wilson of Texas, that literally means carry on. He is a great guy, who is respectful, who doesn’t use religion as a means to harm others and in fact uses his faith and his firepower to save others.

    1. Leftism is a religion and it has adopted all of the worst attributes of all the others.

      1. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Common sense is the cure.

        These idiot liberals and leftist don’t have any common sense.

        And our President, Joe Bite Me Biden has Dementia, on top of liberalism. So double the mental illness.

  2. I’m a card-carrying heathen and proud of it. I have no real beef with Christians & it’s undeniable that our Judaeo-Christian underpinnings have done more good than bad.

    Alone among the major faiths, Islam is a political movement and too many of its adherents are fucking neanderthals as a direct result. I see the Denver cake baker is back in Big Bro’s crosshairs. A truer test of woke inclusivity would be soliciting a Muslim-owned bakery for a cake decorated with “Muhammad Was Illiterate.” Or better yet, “Muhammad Was A Pedophile.”

    1. The Denver cake Baker is an interesting case.

      The courts ruled in unrelated cases that private business and private property, means just that. If you own and carry guns, if you have a red gas guzzling SUV and the owner of an establishment wants to kick you out and not serve you for that, or any reason or no reason they have that right.

      Except when it comes to homo’s. I guess salt lickers (Lesbo’s) and Bologna smokers (Gays), you must serve them. Otherwise face the wrath of the woke libtards, the courts and guv-mint.

      Plus. Why the fuck would the fags want a cake baked by someone who doesn’t think like them? Usually you have these liberal types boycott businesses that don’t think exactly like this.

      This is just an example of the liberals shoving their ways down our throats. Watch out especially for this around the homo’s.

      1. When a leftist use the word “tolerance” they actually mean they want your agreement and subservience.

  3. I agree that it’s “Too bad that ordinary Brits aren’t allowed to carry guns over there” but I read the article and this was in Germany. I very much miss the firearms I used to have in England.

    1. Correct. Of course anti-gun laws in Germany are as bad as they are in the UK if not worse.
      The German people (and the rest of continental Europe except for the Spanish) were disarmed by the US Army in 1944-46 “to prevent German resistance groups from arming themselves” and never got their weapons back once they got their governments back.

  4. It likely does apply to the (former) Great Britain, but this event was in Krautland, and there too every German should be armed (of course the new Republic kept the third Reich policy of no handguns in the hands of a citizen unless locked up at a gun club).

    The lake and river levels in the U.S. will rise for all the sudden loss of armaments by the citizens, no, really they will.

  5. I wish those guys with the chairs could have beaten that ungrateful POS to death like he deserved.
    I’ll be surprised if he even gets as much as 20 years in prison, never mind the life on bread and water he deserves, given the EU’s sissified justice system.

  6. On a tangential note, notice that, even in Germany, it’s automatically the men who take up whatever arms are available/allowed while the women stand back and watch. This is as it should be, of course, but not how the Leftists would like it, believing that there are no innate differences between the sexes.

  7. ” Too bad that ordinary Brits aren’t allowed to carry guns over there, because I bet that if they were, not only might this asshole have been stopped more quickly, but a lot more of his type might think twice before getting all Stabby For Allah.”

    Money quote. Especially that last phrase. Applied to every class of criminal. Distributed deterrance.

  8. Gernamy had compulsory military service until about 2011, so I expect one or two of those involved remembered their training.

  9. I like the phrase at the end–“getting all stabby for…” I am going to incorporate it into my conversations during the day:
    Don’t get all stabby with that steak.
    You are getting all stabby trying to get those pickles out of the jar.
    Stop getting all stabby with that hoe.

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