1. Oh be still my beating heart!

    That is so well stated there is nothing more to add.

    Sarah is a gem and one ( like you and I ) legally imported to the U.S. of A. because of the freedom and liberty it provides to the majority of it’s citizens, or at least those that work their butts off to achieve a measure of wealth and security.

    This Sunday is is now complete, we shall see what comes next.

  2. It does my heart good when I read posts like Sarah’s. Sometimes I get the feeling like I’m standing out here by myself, wondering whatever happened to what I used to think were common sense, free thinking people. Just about the time I’m ready to order in more Clan Mac, someone like Sarah (and a few others, Kim included,) remind me that there are other voices out here in the wasteland. Thanks for pointing me in a direction where I need to go.

    1. The Biden cabal has noticed the Internet has that effect has on people.

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