Seems as though some oldies still have something to offer us:

POP icon Toyah Willcox has become an unlikely hit on PORN sites thanks to her raunchy home music videos.
The 63-year-old singer has been donning risqué outfits while belting out cover versions on her YouTube channel with rocker husband Robert Fripp, 75.

Here’s an example… ZZ Top fans can wince all they want, but it’s funny as hell.

I always loved Toyah’s work, because she just never seemed to give a flaming fuck what anyone thought of her (yeah, I know).

And her music wasn’t bad back then, either.  (We won’t even talk about her husband’s band, King Crimson.)

Brilliant stuff.


  1. Hmm. I was on the air in commercial radio for 15 yrs, & I’ve never heard of this broad. Not getting an icon vibe based on the linked samples. This ain’t my crib so I’ll not expound. In the meantime, here’s a more current chick with some skills. Sings, plays, writes, can work a groove.

      1. “Where” is probably at least as important as “when.” Having spent the better part of two years in the mid-’80s in Britishland, it’s worth noting that while there is some overlap in what music makes it big in the US vs. what music makes it big in the UK, the Venn diagram of the two sets is not a circle.

        Hold a chicken in the air,
        Stick a deckchair up your nose…

        (That’s one earworm that never made it to this side of the Pond, unless you caught it on Britbox or something like that.)

  2. Pass.
    Can’t imagine living my life willing to do almost ANYTHING just to get attention.

  3. When I learned of Toyah and Robert doing this, and after watching a few of their Sunday videos, I can see the love for each other and for their craft. Wish I could be this talented and have their not giving a rat’s rear-end what anyone thinks. Love it. And she’s still a hottie.

    That screen capture you have of them covering The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” (from 1996!), and they DID warn that it could not be unseen after watching it. Here’s the original

    RIP Keef aka Keith Flint, gone 2 years and didn’t even make 50

    He bought and ran a pub for some years before his passing, and apparently, there was a tip jar above the fireplace so that if anyone started saying “Firestarter” as Keith went to light it, they’d have to drop funds into it.

  4. I do not know anything about her, but Robert Fripp and King Crimson are fracking amazing. I have been huge into them since the 80s and you can listen. Very different stuff and always reinventing their sound so it is worth it to dig into all of their music.

    I saw KC live in 2019, very tight and great performance of both their old and new stuff. My wife is not into Prog rock at all but she still enjoyed it just because the musicianship level was so high.

  5. I was born when Harry Truman was president and I like to believe that I have an appreciation for ladies who are my contemporaries. I’ll celebrate my 45th anniversary next month – and momma dates back to the Truman administration as well. There are elegant, classy, and extremely sexy older ladies – and then there are gargoyles. I hope that you get your internet connection running quickly so that we don’t have to see a woman who should be sitting on the roof of a cathedral scaring the demons away.

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