1. Yeah Dude….. I told you wrapping the car in baby sh*t green wasn’t going to work. I’m still getting complaints from the neighbors. Got any other ideas?

  2. What happens when you think cruising the hood in your lambo makes you look cool to the homies until you had to stop to get a refill for your juul.

  3. I was enjoying a little schadenfreude reading the various pejoratives now decorating Donny Douchebag’s wheels. Most likely ol’ Donny was poking someone he shouldn’t have. Then his significant other found out, took umbrage, and now he’s going to be paying the price for being an asshole. Kinda hard to feel sorry for someone like that and I was more than a little sympathetic to the aggrieved party who did the redecorating of his I-have-a-small-penis indicator.

    Then I saw “jew” on the right rear roof support.

    Anybody who uses that or any of the other racial/religious/ethnic slurs as an insult loses any moral authority they might have in the situation. Instead of sympathy I now hope that whomever did that not only loses the divorce and ends up with nothing but is also charged with destruction of property.

    For the record I’m neither Jewish nor woke, just tired of the divisiveness. It’s fine to hate someone for being an asshole; just leave all the other stuff out.

    1. After concealing the rattle-can in the bushes and quickly checking his fingers for spray-paint ‘evidence’, Yakov telephoned his contacts at the New York Times newspaperprogramming to indignantly report another senseless act of semite anti-ism!

  4. Jason had just finished decorating his entry into the 24 Hours of Lemons and was feeling pretty proud of his work.

  5. With all the dignity available to a fellow with a faggoty two-foot off-side braid, Franck nonchalantly pretend-thumbed his telephone to impress his legions of adoring fans!


    Placing his sunglasses in the trendy ‘up-hat’ position, Franck strikes a pose next to a random unattended automobile!


    For his profile portrait on the Fellows With Time On Their Hands dating site, Franck quickly struck a pose just prior to the motel management 86ing him… again!


    Although Franck was supposed to wear his valet uniform while on-duty, his ego oft-times got the better of him!

    1. Puzzlement clouding his features, Franck uses his telephone to ‘search’ for the meaning of ‘jew bags’!


      Although the innovative “jew bags” product branding was certainly not to everybody’s taste, Franck wasn’t one to discourage free expression!


      Seen here in a photo-shoot for popular Jew Bags monthly magazine, Franck readies for his ‘big moment’!


      Frantically hoping to get ‘chosen’ for the historical Jew Bags bowling league, Franck suddenly remembers to breathe!

      1. Surreptitiously tossing aside the rattle-can as he waited for his ‘date’ at the rear-entrance to a Tel Abib ‘no-tell’ motel, Yakov was absolutely ‘shocked’ to ‘notice’ a ‘blemish’ on his fresh ‘wax job’… somebody in the American foreign-aid department would need to be coerced to hand-out another annual us$278,000 per person in free American welfare dollars because of this obviously semite anti-ism!

  6. Nexting that girl was totally worth the cost of new paint on the Lambo.

    1. Pity he didn’t spring for the “stiletto in a tire” upgrade to the “jilted Italian girlfriend” option.

  7. She needn’t have bothered. The choice of car plus its color was all the proof we needed.

  8. Yackoff learned a valuable lesson in OP-SEC.
    Never leave your phone unattended.
    Never make your phone password 1-2-3-4.
    Erase the naughty pictures and texts Ms. Skank, the stripper, sent to you on your phone.

  9. I feel for the car. The new “detailing” just adds insult to the injury of being owned by Jason.

    I should probably add that I have a certain conflict of interest, owning an Accent in just about that exact color:

    It’s amazing how few people can see my car, even when it’s right in front of them, on a nice sunny glare-free day.

  10. Uhh! Can’t say I feel a whit sorry for Jason or for that fugly car. Then again, would like the backstory on what pissed off his former POOSSLQ.

    For the uninitiated, a 70’s government term, Person Of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters – pronounced puss-ell-cue.

  11. She should have known having a car like that in the first place he would have a small dick, but a cheater too?

  12. I wouldn’t own an ugly Lamborgini but if I did id keep that new paint job for awhile. Drive it around town like that.

  13. The circuit’s new woke corporate sponsors have decided on a more modern graphics theme for the decals and wraps this year.

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