1. Just get a lula speed loader. It’s much more compact and easier to take to the range. You just flip the lever back and forth and keep dropping in rounds.

      1. @Ghost …
        I have the 120-round Spee-D which I use for my Marlin 60. This is an inexpensive accessory and a very useful one at that. I learned about it from a Jewish 2A enthusiast living behind enemy lines in New Jersey.
        Speaking of Marlin 60 – sadly, I haven’t shot it for a while because (1) pandemic and (2) CMMG kit for the AR. What … you don’t have the CMMG conversion kit? Get one – as Tony the Tiger says … They’re Grrrrrrrreat !!! Breakfast cereal aside, the conversion kits are a terrific way of getting in AR trigger time without expending hard-to-find AR ammo. Lately I’ve been practicing my “Kyle drills” .. I shoulder from low-ready, and rip off two- or three-round strings into center-mass at 25 yards. So far I’ve been able to put all shots into “minute of salad plate” accuracy, but I digress …
        CMMG conversion kit mags are a f*cking pain in my arse to load – the only downside to the entire system. I picked up one of the CMMG mag loaders from Amazon. My thumbs have been thanking me ever since, especially after a 700-round “stress test” range session.
        Oh, Kim, before you ask, the Marlin is not for sale.

  2. try http://www.magpump.com. 2 versions – plastic or metal, $150 plastic, $250 metal. 5.56 90 round cap. 762X39 65 rnd cap, 9MM 50 rnd cap, works with popular 9MM handgun mags. They show up on sale in various online sellers periodically (Midway, Brownells, Basss Pro, Optics Planet, etc). Got my 556 plastic at BoTach Tactical for $89.

    The gizmo pictured above is the MAGLULA BL78B BenchLoader – works great but it’s $350-450 if you can find one If you had a rifle rental place, sure. It also requires manually inserting the rounds in the channel, with a lot of practice that can be done quickly if the ammo is in stripper clips. A 1K bulk box of loose rounds nope.

    With the magpump, just dump handfuls of rounds in the hopper facing either way or both ways, lock the mag in, work the handle. They claim 30 rounds in 30 seconds but it’s more like 35 seconds, and for some reason there’s a hesitation at about 25 rounds, I just double pump the handle. No idea how well they hold up long term, but mine has loaded about 3K rounds and still works fine.

  3. There is a similar item from a company called Podavach. Can’t speak for the one in the vid, but Podavach ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you don’t have everything lined up exactly right, and I mean EXACTLY, it won’t work. That one in the vid looks like it locks the mag in place. Podavach doesn’t, so you have to hold it there. Would be better with 3 hands, maybe.

  4. Over the years I’ve tried several of these, but nothing beats the simplicity of a Maglula. It loads AND unloads quick and easily, and is small enough to fit in my range bag. A child can operate it, and they make one for Europellet through proper John M. Browning calibers.


    I like the Spee-D as well: I bought it for my first Appleseed Event ( appleseedinfo.org ) to use with MY marlin Model 60.
    Sorry, brother-it’s not for sale either. But if you make it to Wyoming, I’ll let you shoot it to your hearts content.

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