1. Nonsense.

    Harry had the makings of a great man, even as a lad. He nearly killed the entire Royal Family with a cabbage fart during a public photo shoot and laughed as the Queen retched. As a teen, he went to a costume party dressed as a nazi and ignored the gale of outrage from the bedwetters, pissers, and moaners. As a young man he actually distinguished himself in the military and was respected by all in his regiment. When they shipped out to Afghanistan, the Prince was given direct orders to remain behind because of his strategic value as a target. His honour would not permit it; and he defied direct orders from the Queen and served with his unit for two tours. When he returned after his last, he was interviewed at the airport where he jokingly referred to one of his squaddie pals as ‘my little pakie buddy…’. Again the shrieking politically correct scolds went nuts and the Prince refused to bow down to them or apologize. A rude smirk was all they could get out of him. This kid… this man… is not a pussy by nature. In fact, he was alpha AF.

    Of course all that changed when he took up with a Hollywood octaroon actress. What happened? He gave up his rod and guns for her, he let her make decisions for them and she led him around on a leash. I have seen good men destroyed by bad women before, it is a trope as old as the human animal. How it happened to a man like Harry? We may never know…

    1. If it’s that famous photo you are referring to, I am pretty certain that it was **Phillip** that had farted. Harry, however, was reeling with laughter while the Queen was smirking and probably thinking: “I am surrounded by little boys.”

  2. Those aren’t the behavior of a ‘man’, more like a spoiled child who knows that there will never be any punishment for inexcusable behavior, will do anything to get the attention he craves and knows that he is so far down the royal ascension chain that the throne will never be his.
    Dressing as a nazi for a costume party is just bad judgement and poor taste on top of trying to get attention by someone who exhibits bad judgement and poor taste repeatedly.
    As for Markle, again, bad judgement.
    Defying direct orders ? Again, bad judgement. Just what you need in the military, a high profile fool flaunting orders and the chain of command just because he can get away with it.
    A real good example for others – Yeah, right.
    Just a spoiled child who has never experienced any consequences for his actions, never had any responsibility and knows he will never have to ‘work’ a day in his life !
    Good example of a ‘man’ ? Not in my book.

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