Not Gonna Happen

Oh, here’s a charming little piece.  The post heading reads:

The Seditionists Need A Path Back Into Society

…and it’s all about how the Left can make accommodations to learn to live with us, the poor misguided 75 million people who actually voted for Trump in 2020.

Whom she charmingly calls, “Seditionists.”

Now I’m not going to fisk the whole article because I’m trying to keep my breakfast pint of gin to only one per day, but let me just make one observation.  Here’s an example of Applebaum’s towering condescension:

Not all Republicans are seditionists, nor is everyone who voted for Trump, nor is every conservative: Nothing about rejecting your country’s political system is conservative.

Here’s a tip for The Atlantic  and its writers:

We’re not rejecting our country’s political system.  We’re protesting the fact that our votes were nullified by massive injections of fraudulent ballots in states which would otherwise have gone overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. 

Or, put another way:  if our political system — the one that the Left seems to have installed — is now going to systematically allow wholesale criminal alterations of voting preferences by the addition of fraudulent ballots:  then fuck yes, we’re going to reject it.

Until such time as you understand this, there will never — never — be any kind of accommodation towards the Left by us conservatives.

What happened at the Capitol wasn’t an “insurrection”, it was a protest.  If you want to see an insurrection — and I promise you, you don’t — just keep squeezing us:  keep calling us names such as “seditionists”, keep preventing us from getting jobs because of our political philosophy, keep talking about “re-educating” or “reprogramming” us and our children into obedience to your foul Marxist doctrine, keep shutting us out of social media, keep muzzling conservative voices, keep trampling all over our First Amendment rights in general, keep trying to infringe our Second Amendment rights, and in short, keep trying to push us out of the American society and polity.

You Marxists think that the protest at the Capitol was the bite of a savage dog (you know, the one that keeps getting teased until it snaps).  It wasn’t a bite — it wasn’t even a nip.

So keep trying to take away conservatives’ votes (like with the horrible “For the People Act of 2021”, which entrenches the wrongdoing of 2020).  Just remember the switch in the above picture.

As your own Glenn Greenwald has written:

The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming
No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it. The only question is how much opposition they will encounter.

Good question.

If, that is, you’re going to categorize all 75 million of us as “terrorists”.  That should be interesting.


  1. Oh look. Another far left Jewish female journalist writing incendiary opinions about half the population of the US. Hitler’s Revenge strikes again. You’d think that with the history those people have, they’d take more care in policing their bat-chit crazy Rebecca’s, Sarah’s and Karen’s.

      1. Just noticing the obvious, Kim. I fear that at the rate we are going, any number of pretty lies are going to die in the ugly fires of truth in the worsening days ahead. The behaviour patterns and identities of the arsonists will not go unnoticed. For now I am personally undecided on the ‘JQ’… and “journalists” like that ghastly woman might have an interest in making sure it stays that way.

        Just sayin.

  2. “What happened at the Capitol wasn’t an “insurrection”, it was a protest.”

    And yet most of the R’s in office were lickety-split quick to get on TV the next day to denounce the “insurrection”. I’m done with the republicans. I can’t recall a single one standing up and stating that it was not insurrection, it was a protest. They are all cowards.

  3. A few years ago, during the Bush Jr Presidency, a co-worker (who was Jewish) opined that anyone who voted for Bush should be “shipped off to Montana or someplace”. I reminded him, none too gently, that the time-honored method of relocating people you find undesirable was using old box-cars, and that I’d be happy to give him my address if he’d like to stop by that evening to effect my relocation. I also advised him to bring lots of people he didn’t like, because I wouldn’t be going peaceably.

  4. I keep thinking “Are they that stupid, or are they doing this on purpose”

    It’s one or the other. Neither is good.

    But one thing, for sure; they’ll keep it up until all hell breaks loose.

    And calling that BS in DC a right wing insurrection is a joke. We don’t do “BLM” or “Antifa”. we do “Don Corleone” or the troubles.

  5. The definition of terrorist:
    * anybody using unlawful violence or intimidation against civilians to further political goals.

    According to the definition, the totalitarian bunch in District Of china are furthering political goals through violence and intimidation…

    …but they avoid the trendy ‘domestic’ because they are globalists.

    I purpose another category of terrorist:
    * global terrorist
    A global terrorist can be a domestic terrorist.
    A global terrorist can be local, too.

    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    Downtown, the government agents in the Planning Department clearly qualify as domestic terrorists… and probably global terrorists as well.

    During this ‘New Domestic War on Terrorists’ discussed by the ilk of Greenwald, what are the penalties?
    Do we get permission to prosecute them to the full extent of TheLaw©?

  6. They are doing this because they can, and by the fact that they’ve won the political war in a way that can never be undone without, as you say, that switch being flipped. But it never will be since most of us who are sickened by this takeover are now of an age that physical fighting is quickly receding in the rearview mirror. They control it all now. Academia, the press, and social media.

    There is no need to threaten to put Conservatives in concentration camps because they already did. Instead of barbed wire and firing squads there is the fact that those who dare to speak out will have their careers taken away forever. They will be unemployable and social outcasts. Their memories and legacies erased with the click of a button for daring to utter a wrong thought.

    They have poisoned every damned thing they’ve touched, and have now that they’ve figured out how to permanently rig elections they’ve ensured that there will never be a conservative administration again for probably 100 years or more. Even with a 6-3 “conservative” USSC we’re seeing communist/socialist/statist doctrine upheld at every turn.

    That switch will never be thrown because whoever tries to throw it will not just be buried under the jail but made such an example of that nobody else will dare come near it with a barge pole.

    1. When everything you have is taken from you, what is there that will keep you from fighting, even if it is a fight to the death?

      “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
      – Winston Churchill

    2. Never? I’m not quite old enough to have lived when the sun never set on the British Empire.

      The Supreme Court settled slavery. How’d that work?

      These dumbasses are lighting matches with gasoline sloshing on the floor.

    3. Stare decisis, the principle that judges have to respect and follow prior decisions is only honored by conservatives, so that our 6-3 (more like 5-4 thanks to that dissembler Roberts) SCOTUS follows unconstitutional decisions is not surprising.

  7. I’m just going to say this:

    Even before the kangaroo election of 2020, there are plenty of principled reasons to reject this implementation of our government. Even before that, it was fair to question whether the “consent of the governed” authentically existed, and now that it is clear that neither faction will accept the dominion of the other, whether such consent can even be formed.

    As a student of history, it has become entirely clear to me that the last semblance of the Constitutional Republic of 1791 was killed in the early decades of the 20th century. Wilson was the architect, and his schemes were built out by his Sith acolyte, FDR. The zombie thing shambling around wearing the Constitution’s skin over its rotten skull had decayed to the point where people are broadly noticing the stench, and the “willing suspense of disbelief” that is necessary for people to avoid the necessity of taking the dubious legitimacy of the regime seriously so as to go about their daily lives unmolested is becoming increasingly impossible.

    It is also clear to me that both parties are entirely complicit in this post constitutional order that is the engine of their gravy train, offering the illusion of choice dealt from the bottom of a stacked deck.

    Which is all well and good (ish), until one faction feels justified in forcing the participation of the unwilling in their social pseudo religious scheme of governance.

    Ultimately, one has to get one’s first principles sorted:

  8. UUhh, wouldn’t the textbook definition be something like taking part in a four year attempt to unseat a duly elected president i.e., see demos, media, academia, etc.,

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