1. Idiots keep forgetting that physics doesn’t care about your political statement. F=MA will not be denied when the driver’s better nature finally succumbs to the “F*ck this” impulse.

  2. Street blocking deserves a jeep with a horizontally mounted (with a slight downward angle so chunks will clear the windshield at speed) sharpened snow blade. Fuck that better nature shit. Sushi ala Darwin motherfuckers.

  3. The classic movie Soylent Green has a lot of issues (Charlton Heston was too old to play the policeman character, for one), but the crowd control scenes are impressive. When the crowd starts rioting about food supplies (about an hour in), the city brings out the garbage trucks mounted with scoops, and scoop up people into the back.

    Come to think of it, that movie supposedly happens next year….

    1. I ain’t eatin’ those motherfuckers even if they do make ’em into tasty green crackers. 😉

  4. They fucked around and found out. Were I on the jury (if it ever made it court), I would be voting for acquittal.

  5. Good lord. Just reading the first couple of pages of comments proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the left coast has completely brainwashed two generations of people at the very least. Not a rational thought to be found beyond 1% of the commenters.

    1. Well, it’s also Twitter, which self selects for Marxist idiocy. When you ban people who actually believe in the Constitution, you tend to have a group of people who are drooling half-wits at best, and radical anti-American Marxists as the norm.

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