As Longtime (and, probably, Recent) Readers know full well, intemperate speech is not exactly an unknown event on this here back porch, and I often “permit” (okay, encourage) the same in Comments.  But I’m just a guy with a digital megaphone, little different from the loons one would find at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London or the average screamer on a city street.

I am not, however, a college “professor” who does the same in a classroom:

The investigation found that Castro would belittle students who disagreed with his religious beliefs or lack thereof. Students alleged that Castro made his political beliefs known in the classroom by saying things such as he “would cut off [former U.S. Attorney General] Jeff Sessions’ head and play soccer with it,” and that he would “hang [President Donald] Trump by [President-elect Joe] Biden’s entrails” for example.

Note that I’m not interested in his Twatter account where he said this:

Castro celebrated the news of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) contracting COVID-19 and hoped that President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence would contract the virus too, in addition to calling Trump a “fat klansman.”

That’s his right to say that — Glenn Reynolds once suggested on his private Twatter account that we should run over violent protestors who attacked our cars, and there’s nothing wrong with that, either.  (Actually, there’s a great deal correct about it, but we can discuss that another time.)

The minute, however, you subject your students –essentially, a captive audience — to your unhinged ravings and penalize them for disagreement, you should be shown the door, the window, the wall and finally the street as you are tossed out on your tenured ass.  (Which, amazingly, Texas A&M are doing to him subject to his appeal, which is also his right.)

There is a clear distinction here between freedom of speech and professorial misconduct.  For far too long, students have had to toe the line and simply acquiesce with the antics of such professors even (or especially) when they disagreed with these Marxist loons.  My own kids used to tell me about this when they were still at college.  (I did no such thing, and for some reason none of my professors ever confronted me when I called attention to their silliness.)  So it’s long past time that this conduct was censured — and by the way, as a side issue, tenure should not be treated as a barrier to censure either.

Ditto this asshole (same link):

Alvard was reportedly notified of disciplinary sanctions following the results of the investigation into his classroom conduct and behavior. In the memo, Alvard was charged with “creat[ing] a negative learning environment for some students that materially affected their ability to participate and learn” and that Alvard “failed to deliver instruction and class materials in an unbiased and respectful manner.”

What the hell has happened to Texas A&M?

Then we have another academic fuckwit getting his two cents in:

“Republicans, you should not be allowed to speak about being shocked by President Donald Trump or the recent right-wing raid in Washington, D.C., for your words ring hollow,” wrote Jones, who is the chair of the Pan-African Studies department. “You all should be forced to shut the hell up unless whatever you have to say begins with, ‘I’m sorry.’ You should not be allowed to condemn Trump or attempt to distance yourselves from him unless you begin with, ‘I have helped him, and I’m sorry,’” he wrote.

Ummm who exactly is going to force us to shut up, asshole?  You?  The federal government?

Actually, I know who he wants to shut us up:  Big Tech — Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. — and they’re getting down to that with gusto, the Leftist cocksuckers.

Here’s one little statement for our worthy head of the “Pan-African [whatever that is] Studies” department:  We’re not going to distance ourselves from Donald Trump — and by “we”, I mean the 75 million people who voted for him over your senile, fraudulent candidate and his cocksucking accomplice — and we sure as hell aren’t going to apologize to you or anyone else for our support of him.



  1. The ‘professor’ is yet another Pan-African expert who never lived anywhere near the continent. He’s an expert grifter though.

  2. I suspect the new administration will begin a new push towards “education”. 75 million + voters that don’t agree with their group think has to be disturbing. Especially when those voters are deemed ignorant rubes. The pandemic has led to a lot of students being removed from the indoctrination programs which start as early as first grade. Don’t believe me? Look at how many of those school supply lists end up in a community bank the teacher delegates out through the year in order to be fair to the kids that didn’t bring anything to the community. They’ll dress it up as benefiting the student and “catching up to technological needs” but they will undo the charter school and home schooling efforts by DeVos and push perspective voters back into the indoctrination camps.

  3. I want to know who is trying to distance themselves from God Emperor Trump. After this charade I, and looks to be 74,999,999 others, are ready to quit standing down and standing by. Trump is a brash yankee dandy, but the actions of the establishment in response to him have made me absolutely love him. Professors like this cannot exist outside of their echo chambers.

  4. I’m surprised anyone signs up for his classes. It’s not like the old days where you had to rely on word of mouth. They have professor rating sites.

    Interesting they are both anthropology professors. So already damn near useless.

    I only know one anthropology major. After floundering for years after graduation, she went back to school to learn something useful. Physical therapy, I think.

  5. “Ummm who exactly is going to force us to shut up?”

    Heh.. I was thinking the same thing. I can’t help but laugh when skinny-jean wearing vegans who look like they just stepped out of their sister’s closet try to act tough.

  6. “Ummm who exactly is going to force us to shut up?”

    This is exactly why I carry a Para 14-45 and 2 extra mags.

  7. This also shows how education has been inverted in another way: The professors etc. are merely employees. The students are the customers. If they are not providing what the customers signed up and paid for, they need to find positions more suited to their skills. Of course with the impending $15/Hour minimum wage they are going to find it hard to compete for the positions at Mickey D’s.

    Of course I also feel that every member of government from El Presidente down are nothing but employees (elected officials are nothing but temporary contract workers) and I don’t take lip from the hired help.

  8. Defenestration is such a fun word…

    I vote for removal by Defenestration. From a suitably high window. Any window that doesn’t allow for achieving terminal velocity is a lame half measure of justice.

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