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Yeah, I don’t buy this either:

This has the stench of agent provocateur  and “false flag” all over it — I’ll go even further and say that this even smells like an ATF / FBI sting.   So, to whoever dreamed up this little scheme:  go fuck yourselves.  Peddle this shit somewhere else.  As the man says:

If you want to exercise your Second Amendment rights, do it the way you have always done it: keep your weapon in a safe place where you can get to it if you need it to defend yourself from imminent harm or if you are engaging in a gun-safe activity (e.g., a firing range or hunting); follow all gun safety rules; and refrain from being stupid — and it would be exceedingly stupid to step into an obvious trap baited by Democrats, the Deep State, Antifa, or some other organization that wants to end the Second Amendment in America.

There might well come a time when we have to go to the guns, but this ain’t it.  Not yet.


  1. The film is already in the can, fellas. It doesn’t matter if you go or don’t go. The liberal morality play is already a done deal. The heroes are, of course, the geriatric Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and their usual co-stars. The villains will be some dorky kid from the proud boys, some harmless befuddled 2A guy at the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe even a rebranded spaghetti armed ANTIFA street kid. The players can blow their lines or parts but it will not matter – the press will polish it out.

    It won’t be long now.

    1. This exactly. It’s gone from never letting a good crisis go to waste to manufacturing the crisis they want on demand. They’ll have their little street theater whether anyone shows up or not.

  2. Maybe if they hadn’t used a bright RED background they might have been a little more believable. That and the constant drum beat from the media on how they are getting ready for war on the streets of the capital

    Even if only a few actual Trump supporters are gullable enough to show up in DC. there will be plenty of willing useful idiots available from the Dem’s list of ” Loot and Burn” agents to make it look bad enough for the news crews looking for if it burns or bleeds it leads stories. They have lots of practice on how to make a small crord look big or a Big crowd look small depending on the needed narrative.

  3. People must be smarter than whoever put out this poster thinks. 01/18/2021, and looking around, I don’t recall seeing or hearing about any “armed marches.” Everyone must have been home not watching football.

  4. A whopping 2 people showed up in Springfield IL to protest yesterday. People just stayed home.

      1. Correction, it was just one person and he was waving a BLM flag. The Illinois governor deployed national guard troops and had several buildings boarded up.

  5. I don’t have a Pantone Color Chart handy (who does?), but I’ll wager a glass of bourbon that those colors are the exact same hues as the CCP flag’s red n’ yella.

    That “false flag” is flying in plain sight.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. I have a Pantone book, — but it’s not very useful as I’m Red / Green color deficient like a lot of men. So, instead I have a nice Colorimeter. But that doesn’t help either since my monitor displays in a the RGB color space and my Pantone book and the Colorimeter work in CMYK.

  6. At first glance it looks rediculous. Might as well try to drum up a patriot protest with the hammer and sickle. But then I remember that many phone or email phishing scams are intentionally obvious to weed out anyone with an IQ over room temp, leaving just the rubes and higher probability of a successful scam.

  7. The fact there isn’t a mention of who’s organizing this should be a dead giveawy that FBI/ATF was somewhere in the mix.

    Still, I’m disappointed; I was hoping for firefights between Antifa and BLM.

  8. There already is an armed march on the Capitol…..by the National Guard et al – to the tune of 20,000 men/women.
    Of course, what would happen if all those hundreds of thousands that were at the Capitol on 1/6 returned, and brought a friend with them, each fully kitted and armed.
    Those 20K NG’s would shit themselves.

  9. At this time it would be best for all the folks in our Nation to sit back, be quiet and watch the fall out of the new kids in D.C. as they roll back the previous administrations policies which helped out economy and implement lost of new stuff which might double the price of fuel, and hit the regular working folks in the pocket book, new taxes and all sorts of fell good expensive stuff and then see if there is not some buyer’s remorse. I am thinking we will some some extraordinarily stupid moves over the next year or so and then perhaps we can vote some of those folks out and perhaps have some younger new conservative faces. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but it could happen and that would be the right way to change things.

    1. After seeing how the voting was controlled last time? You actually expect the Dems to give up their proven fraud methods, or allow the voting systems to be fixed? We’re not voting our way out of this. I’m hoping that Trump has one more ace up his sleeve in the next couple of days. If not, well…

      1. Agreed. The last ‘election’ was in the ( Democrat ) bag MONTHS before election day.
        Without drastic changes –
        – you MUST vote IN PERSON, can’t make it to the polls – TOUGH
        – you MUST have a picture ID to vote etc. – if the ID is fraudulent – PRISON !
        – etc.
        otherwise you will never be able to trust or believe the outcome of another election in this country.
        The Dems are NOT going to allow voters to remove them from power via the ballot box.
        They have found that they can GET AWAY WITH fraud, avoid any and all consequences, and will not hesitate at all to use it again to retain their power.
        Counting on ‘the next election’ or ‘the ballot box’ to correct this country’s death spiral is simply being blind or foolish.

  10. Someone has found the original poster from which the graphics are obviously pirated. It is from an organization called Black Civics. Their mission, as expressed on their website, is more than a little vague. Something about black families but more than that I cannot tell.

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