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Keeping it short and sweet, like Salma Hayek.

and if one of my children ever did this to me, they could expect to see their car firebombed or towed.  Which is why they wouldn’t do it.

as are we all.  These pathetic accommodationists make Neville Chamberlain look like Attila The Hun.

I report, you decide.

hey, “Reverend”:  waddya expect from a bunch of gun-totin’ rednecks, anyway?  Kinda like what we expect from a racist hustler from NYfuckenC.

I was going to refer to these people as “morons”, but it seems redundant, somehow.

LOL as panic ensues.

hardly worth commentary, really.  Anyone who’s ever had a Tequila Evening could probably top that story.

and until recently, New Zealand was always regarded as the “sensible” country in Australasia.

order away, Joe.  Let’s see how that works out for ya.

giving a whole new meaning to the term “one-night stand”.

And speaking of short and sweet:

…although frankly, I was amazed to see that the shortass’s feet even reached the ground.

Finally, a couple of my Brit Readers have complained about me giving short shrift to the extraordinary Rhian Sugden on these pages.  Complain no more:


  1. RE: Al Sharpton comment. Hey Al, you useless piece of race-baiting shit, have you paid your taxes yet?

    1. If he and the other black supremacist race-baiters believed their own BS about America being irredeemably racist, they’d be organizing a Blaxodus to Africa. I’d be happy to chip in towards the expense.

    2. Better yet, have you ever paid the judgment against you for your libel during the Tawanna Brawley incident?

  2. I never could see the attractiveness in Kylie Minogue. She was always one of those people who I expected to be better looking than she is. Rhian Sugden is quite lovely though.

  3. I always get just a little bit hackles-up when people talk about Neville Chamberlain that way.

    Sure Chamberlain made a deal with the Devil, and the Czechs paid the price, and then the deal turned out to be worthless. But Chamberlain’s situation was hopeless. The Wehrmacht was burly and rapidly gaining bulk and power. Chamberlain’s forces were in a rusty doldrums, not ready for the kind of action the Germans could bring.

    In game theory terms, the negotiation was a game of Chicken. In Chicken, the guy who wins is the guy who is the most convincingly irrational, unreasonable, reckless, maniacal. Chamberlain sat across the table from that guy. It’s a credit to him he didn’t curl up on the floor and weep.

    After the war started and Chamberlain was deposed, he went humbly to work for Churchill, took on important duties, and never stinted, even during his final months when he was stricken with a painful terminal illness. He was no weakling, no coward.

    Britons had cause to be ashamed and horrified at the Czech deal. That may have galvanized them to get on a war footing, knowing they were too weak to prevent a thing like that.

    1. I mostly agree with you, Tom. But I’ll also add that one of things we in this day forget – even with 20/20 hindsight – is that in 1938, Britain was just 20 years off from the greatest bloodletting the country had ever seen. They had lost almost an entire generation to the trenches of WWI and they would have tried most anything to prevent a recurrence of that meat grinder.

      The people, at that time, celebrated the agreement.

  4. If you think that New Zealand is the “sensible” country in Australasia then you have obviously never visited the country!

  5. What’s all the hoo ha about horse teeth Minogue? Without a lot of help from a good mic and the guy on the mixing board, she’d be hard pressed to get up to Britney Spears’ level.

    1. This is true. Of course, this is true of almost anybody in pop music for the last sixty years, at least. My mother had been trained in light opera in St. Louis before WW2, and she often said that the people singing on the radio only sounded as good as they did because of the things the sound engineers did. As loutish children we said that she just didn’t like the music. Recently there was a book on the Beatles’ songs that revealed they routinely recorded a second track of the vocals (particularly John’s) to strengthen the vocals. This was before anything else was done to the recordings.

      1. If you want to hear something truly… remarkable, there’s audio floating around on the interwebs where Linda McCartney’s backing “vocals” have been isolated. Crikey. Is she as wretched a singer as Yoko? It’s a tough call.

  6. Georgina Rodriguez – meh.

    Hey, Joe Biden! If I get a second stimulus check guess where the money’s going? To purchase an awful, horrible, icky “assault weapon”!

    Kylie Minogue – 52, huh? Nice legs.
    Her photographer – send him back to school to learn composition and how to keep the camera straight.
    The decorator – shoot him/her/it.

    Rhian Sugden – Omigod! A blonde. With extremely large breasts. How very rare!

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