Sometimes, I just wanna shoot people.  Here’s one reason:

The world’s wealthiest 1% account for more than twice the carbon emissions of the poorest 50%, a new UN report has found.

And what, exactly, are we supposed to do with that information?

FFS:  The world’s wealthiest 1% also account for about 75% of new job creation, about 99% of the world’s yachtbuilding industry, all the top end car / watch / jewelry / etc. business.  They drive cars, fly around the world (on business, mainly — business which helps sustain the poor and gives them jobs), and as a result of their industry, the world is a far better place than it was in the Middle Ages, for instance.

I know:  the hidden meaning behind this “study” is that we should take away their wealth so they can’t emit carbon or whatever.

I would also like to point out that the poorest 50% of the world’s population account for about 90% of all terrestrial and maritime pollution (i.e. garbage) and if you don’t believe me, take a trip anywhere in the Third World:  look at the garbage carried out to sea at the river mouths of the Ganges, Congo, Yangtze and Amazon — to name but some — and drive for any distance outside the major cities to see how the Pore & Starvin just fucking trash the place.

The sooner we defund or otherwise destroy the United Nations, the better off we’ll all be.  Ask me which is my preference.


  1. FFS, indeed.

    Of course, the news report does not tell the whole story nor the context behind it. It tries again to show Capitalism as a bad thing, when in fact, it has been the driving force behind better lives for most.

    Fully 1/2 of this country – perhaps more – appear to be really stupid and gullible. They eat this stuff up that the media feeds them and either don’t know enough to look further or don’t question it at all.

  2. I just wish that information could be leveraged to get the sanctimonious pricks to stop trying to get everybody else to bear all the pain of reducing carbon emissions. You want me to make sacrifices, Al Gore? How about you get your personal footprint close to mine then we can talk.

  3. You can put the UN in pink tutus and teach them to toe dance, I don’t give a ratzazz, just get us OUT of the UN, and the UN out of the US of A.

  4. I can’t read that report where I am but I wonder if they’re forgetting that the top 1% employ many of the bottom 50% and thus double-counting the former?

  5. It gets me all the time. These enviro whack jobs are trying to impoverish us meanwhile forgetting that it takes a rich country to care about the environment. If you are clawing and scratching to find your next meal, you don’t have much time or excess money to worry about the environment.
    Case in point: The US has decreased its CO2 output tremendously, not because of government dictat or the Paris Accord, they did it through fracking on private lands by investors just trying to make a few bucks.

    1. no, they want to kill us.
      They want everyone to go back to a stone age level of subsistance hunter/gatherers, while keeping the current laws against hunting and gathering in place.
      Make us live in caves, while outlawing evicting animals from caves.
      Ban any means to make fire because it’s bad for the environment, while also banning any other means to have energy at our disposal.
      Ban the production of fabrics, and because of the ban on killing animals we also won’t have fur or leather.
      Ban weapons too, so we can’t kill animals for food or defend ourselves against them.

      Of course none of those restrictions will apply to their own elitist leaders, who will determine they deserve all the luxuries they desire as “guardians of the planet” while forcing some of the surviving plebs to be their slaves.

  6. The older I get and the more I learn about the UN I come to realize it was just FDR’s make work program like the CCC. However, instead of leaving something useful behind like the CCC, the UN is nothing but a make work program for dictators and petty tyrants.

    The only reason for the US to remain involved with the UN is to thwart its anti human rights, anti west agenda any chance we get. The Europeans surrendered their role on the world stage after WW2. The Soviets, Communist China and the US filled that vacuum. After the cold war, who is left? The US and Communist Chinese. But I digress.

    far too many environmentalists are really just watermelons; green environmentalists on the outside, red communists on the inside.


  7. To help ‘the poor©’, I honestly truly believe TheUnitedNations needs to move to Somalia.

    On the plus side, the new location wouldn’t cut into their hooker-n-blow time!


    For extra credit:
    * what is the proper term for an employee of TheUnitedNations?
    a — UnitedNationist, or
    b — UnitedNationaler, or
    c — UNizer.
    d — employees at TheUnitedNations deserve no terms.

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