1. OK, sure, we must worship at the “Altar of Fauci” because he is just and proper and a man of medicine! A man of science!! Plus, his sainthood is assured simply due to the fact that he must deal with that uncouth, uncaring and unacceptable (to liberals) Donald Trump. Uhuh….got it.

    But wait. Trump has listened to Fauci and generally gone along with his suggestions. We’ve shut down and partially re-opened the country (apparently, it wasn’t enough). We virtually ALL wear masks (apparently not enough). We social distance (apparently not far or well enough). And yet, the virus continues to grow and expand. So, we must do more!

    No family gatherings at Thanksgiving and we’d best forget Christmas as well. Got it.

    And even when we are given the vaccine, we must keep wearing masks and social distancing because, well, yes because St. Fauci of Washington has decreed it.

    Essentially, the actions taken since the plague struck has proved less than successful, yet we must do more of the same?? This is so much like federal spending on education. The public school system is failing, so lets put more money into them. When they continue to fail, the answer is to spend MORE money. It’s the liberal playing card, isn’t it?

    Of course, when Biden’s refrain is “We believe truth over facts”, what more can we expect.

    It is indeed going to be a very “long, dark winter”.

    1. “No family gatherings at Thanksgiving and we’d best forget Christmas as well.”

      If you wanna know where Civil War II will begin, it will be at my place, started by my kids, if government tries that shit here and sends the Sturmtruppen to enforce it.

      1. I sincerely doubt that the Republic of Texas will set or enforce a 12 person limit on Turkey Day or Christmas gatherings, unless said gatherings get obnoxious enough to interest the Po-Po.
        Ditto for Louisiana, despite what our petty tyrant governor may wish.

        I still can’t believe that he is a West Point graduate, and he served in the 82nd Airborne.

        1. Judging from the way officers have been behaving recently, I think that West Point must be recruiting at the Manhattan YMCA. That, or the West Hollywood Y.

  2. I distrust anybody wearing a tie (aka ‘neck-tie’).

    I double-distrust anybody wearing a tie (aka ‘neck-tie’) with a button-down collar with those ridiculous fussy midget buttons.

    Were his ears always so… ‘Dumbo’?
    Perhaps this’s just another ‘value-added feature’ of this phase of this Economic Lock-Down?

  3. Ignore the tyrants and their minions.

    When that becomes impossible grab a shovel and other hardware.

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